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We're all here making special appearances
For nanoseconds in this eternity of existence
Messing folks up by being ourselves,
Getting messed up because people are being themselves,
Being human.
Judging people,
Getting judged by people.
Falling prey to our mind's trick or treat
Over and over again
We know how we're wired.
We can see the victim in the criminal.
But we choose to blame, judge and accuse,
Soaking in vengeful relief
Till someone does the same with us
And we spiral into societal suicide.
Ignorance is a blister about to burst,
And when it does,
The consequences ooze out in all directions
Like a bruise growing into a fatal wound.
If you have something to say,
say it with conviction
believe in the words coming
from your mouth
because once they're out
they don't go back in
and no mouth to mouth
will resuscitate
a bridge that's in flames
and as long as you
meant every last word
every last volley
shot over the walls
built from years of
then no blame can be sent
your way
but do not be alarmed
when they come back around,
a little crispy around the edges
all shrieking like demons
faces black and sooty
and eyes red from the smoke
that rose from the fires
that only tears could put out
and they've got a hot coal
in their hand that they
don't feel and they
want to see you burn.

All that makes our demons
scary is who they're
throwing fire at.
We’re the generation that
Validates its existence through memes Everyone can relate with,
Gratifies itself through likes,
Swiping a nod of 'count me in'.

What happened to the times
When two strangers would connect
Over nothing but a smile?
Your manhood will shrink
When the bubble bursts
When you realise
It takes more than a stubble
To be a man.
She'll disappear behind the velvet drapes,
Then sneak into your room one night
Throwing light on secrets that
Your mind had been keeping from you
As you taste them
Through gritted teeth, during nightmares.

She'll only show that frozen, calm exterior,  cold as ice.
But she'll bring your emotions to boiling point
As she tugs out tides of emotions shooting out of your heart,
A clenched fist of emotions bursting at the seams till now.

Who knows what secrets lie on the dark side of the moon?
I can tell you,
She'll be out of sight for a fortnight
but not out of your mind,
And she certainly can hide secrets even though she's so often in the spotlight.
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