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Rachel Rae Sep 2020
My Moon,
Cold and blue
Who lives all alone
With a light that is not true

Dear you,
Who stretches out her hands
To a tide that flees
And a sleeping land

I pity you,
No I feel your pain
But you, at least, are widely revered
No mouth utters my name

I laid myself out
On my own funeral table
Casting off others, like
Shedding flowers in April

I heard them often
And their talks
Off telephone heads
On early morning walks

But my eyes those poor souls
Went to high up places
Drawn to mountain tops
Instead of faces

Fled from noisy
Clicks of dinner spoons
Abandoned the roads
For dark, brooding ocean views

My Moon
Cold and blue
Is it against nature
To want what I do?

Is it a fool's dream
Simple and silly?
Perhaps there are some hands that aren't meant
To know the touch of any

Perhaps there are some voices
That do not harmonize with the others
That belong in the winter, and
Melt in the summer
My moon, my only friend
Makayla Jane Dec 2019
Why am I so easy to forget like that?
Feel free to share revision ideas (:
Drew Oct 2018
Today I realized how much I didn’t matter to anyone at my school.
I walked across that stage and was made a fool
No this was not the end, only the beginning.
But I could feel the paint of my mind start thinning.
We show off our achievement like we are better than one another
As I drift away and my mind starts to hover.
I walked across that stage for some kind of academic excellence
But instead of a celebration, I felt the silence.
Student upon student walked across that stage
Each one of them with following laughs, cheers, love and rage.
But as I walked across there was nothing but silence and pain
I can’t wait till I leave this place
Because if I died today none of them would have known my name.
I push with all my might,
But my *******'s too tight.
I'm up all night,
Trying to conquer this fight.
I keep thinking it's going to be all right,
Stuck in a long plight.
Through my sight,
I see the brown and blue reunite.
wrote this while taking a dump.
Gergana Jan 2018
Looking through my messages.
****, I used to have friends once.
What happened? What changed?
I happened, I changed.

Not as sweet as I used to be,
Not as stupid as I used to be.

So weird, so twisted,
who would like to be your friend?

No one was there,
no one wanted to be there
to help me with my pain,
to wipe my tears away.

No one cared for the wicked creature,
for the broken ******* the floor,
crying herself to death,
drowning with her own tears.

It's ok now, I'm alright.
There's nothing to worry about.
I'm just gonna smile, like I always do
and you're just gonna pretend you believe, like you always do.
Just like we always do.
it’s all behind me,

the past,

like a dream,

a dream I once lived in
with vivid memories
of nostalgia and the
many people I’ve
encountered and
can’t remember
along the way

some alive,
some dead,
some gay,
some straight,
some drunk,
some sober,
some successful,
some still searching for success,
(no one is a failure)
some married,
some single forever
but the fragrance of
our friendship is gone,
past expired and evaporated.

I will never see them again
until I hear about their untimely
death and make myself present
to a funeral I wasn’t invited to but...

today is not yesterday,
today is not tomorrow,
today is today,
today is right now
and right now is the most
overlooked opportunity
to make something happen

so tonight,
just like the night before it
and many nights after,
the sun will settle down
leaving the clouds burning
red and the luminous moon
will leave a smudge print
in the night sky

I will not phone an
old friend and play
“catch up” with our lives
and speak of old times past,

just sit in my fortress of solitude
with the best strategy I know.....
to get drunk
without any.

it will remain
better this way

from this moment forward
Tink Nov 2017
I need to go
and save my soul
I can't pretend
to not be friends.
I need to flee
and just save me.
It's draining on my soul,
I leave a word and go.
I need you to text first
Just one time
I always go first and it makes me feel like ****
Like you don't care
Like nobody cares
Perhaps nobody does?
Maybe I'm just not a likeable person?
Maybe I'm just the secret keeper, the agony aunt?
Dump your **** on me and leave
Just to rub it in
You're not the only one
Others do it too
Which makes it worse
Perhaps I'm destined to be alone?
But maybe,
Just maybe
There's a tiny glimmer of hope.
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