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SerenaDuru Apr 12
Do not be fooled by my smile,
I am not at peace when I laugh,
I am not home when I am in ecstasy,
I wish to feel the settlement of my heart,
Within the warmth of your hand.

No one has the slightest effect on me,
Like you do.
I always keep you in mind,
Even in the arms of another.
Bas Aeon Sep 2018
My brightest light Louie,
I may not be the best version of me
i am on my way to becoming a better person
you taught me a lot of things
you may never know
your soul imprinted
you are my shadow
My sun, my hope and my light.
you let me be reborn again
finding the right path
you made me learn to feel the word jealous
jealous of everything
nature that sorrounds you
people that made you who you are now
things that made and makes you giggles
The warmth and glow you spread to your sorroundings.
The echoes of your voice that send thousandfold of melody to everyone’s heart.

we drifted so much
i lost the battle
but my connection to your memories
still intact
it seeps to my core

i am winning the rage of seas and darkness
i finally found the contenment of light
it shown me the real figure of hardship
the true meaning of faith and serendipity
The symbol of love that envelopes the human capacity

i have gained true friendship and learnt new hobbies
im continously improving my personality and character
im pursuing the passion of my heart what God has offered me
i learnt to be more mindful and responsible human being
Waiting made me more resilient
Patience brought me a lot of good vibes
God embraced me for who i am
And  recieved comfort and plenty of positive vibrants
until the day im brave enough to stand infront of you
i will be better
i will be full of life
So you will be proud of me
even though i’m nothing to you.

i thought love was undesirable weakness
a cancer that grows inside me.
Made me vulnerable and brought abomination
as darkness and loneliness reeks to my soul
A depriviation of human development
as gravity of negativity pulls me down

But then
I finally understood the meaning of true love
Love filled my life with joy and peace.
Happiness, hope, contentment and serenity
Even though it fail me
Love became my strenght
Because love is what binds people
It builds a character to pursue and become better
To accept what was and what is and what ifs
To fight and battle within yourself
To know and to seek
To gain more clarity when whirlwind strikes
Above all
To recieve abundant, plentiful grace and forgiveness
From the one and only powerful, merciful, kind and loving Almighty God

He is the reason why i am living
He is the core of my existence
He blessed me with all things that sorrounds me
He gives me hope
He provides me food and shelter
He lead me to where i should be
He let me feel all the emotions that i must need
He is generous for allowing me to learn what was/is right and wrong
He forgave me and will always forgive.
He healed me and will continue to heal my soul.
My human being
He taught me a lot of things in this world
And for that i am lucky
That he let me experienced all the troubles and beauty from the past.
I may not know what the future and his plan for me
i am happy that he led me to you
To know you
To need you
To love you
To experience your warmth
Thats why thank you Louie for the love, hope, my light, my sun, guidance, patience and care you had brought to me
Coz if not
And it never happened
until now for sure
I will still be looking for your version
My dearest louie that brought so much ripples in my life.
I am forever grateful to you and to God.
These are all perfectly reasons why i love you to the fullest.
Thank you for being a blessing to me.
I pray to God to protect your world and guide you through tough times.
To bless and empowered you.
To let you know that you are enough to him because you are more than special to him.
To contionously shower you with grace, protection and so much love.

Grateful with so much love,  
i wrote this letter 4 years ago and i still feel the same way today. The same feelings and love i still have for her will always remain. The prayers i continously ask God. My unsent letter - the precious emotions i kept for years will always be inside me. Im sharing this piece of letter for those who havent seen the light. Depression, loneliness became my motivation to gain strenght and happines.
I lost the person i love the most.
Zyanneh Frazier Mar 2018
My ex is in love...
Which causes me to fail
Relationships back to back
I **** sure don’t know if it’s me
Or maybe it’s just this *****
I think I got you sprung
I think I got you hooked
I think I got you affected
By how many *****
I no longer give
My ex is lying...
Which causes me to lose
Relationships back to back
I **** sure won’t take it anymore
Or maybe it’s just time for me to let go
I think I got you making up lies
I think I got you putting on a show
I think I got you pretending
Because last time
I checked, I’m single
My ex is crazy...
Which causes me to fight
Relationships back to back
I **** sure can’t stand you
Or maybe I’m just overreacting
I think I got you crying
I think I got you flexing
I think I got you assuming
About how in love you
You claim to be
My ex is truly a *****...
I’m not in love with the person
I thought I once was
Hell you even cheated
And got me looking like the bad guy
When in reality it’s YOU
So just do me a favor by staying
The **** away from me
I learn the keys of moving on
Now I thinks it’s your turn...
Nameless girl you know who you are!
A poem I made for a friend that's has this crazy ex-girlfriend!
Amber K Dec 2017
This isn't another poem about what you did.
This isn't about the past.
This is about now.
Right now.
So listen to everything I say here.

I heard you got married in October.
I hear it was beautiful.
I wish you and your wife nothing but happiness.
I hope you both have great lives,
but that's not all I need to say.

I hope you are everything she wants and needs.
I hope you've changed.
I hope you truly light up her world,
and give her butterflies daily.
I hope you never, ever treat her wrong.

I hope she can trust you.
I hope you're faithful to her.
I hope you giver her all the attention a woman deserves,
and more.
I hope you have grown into someone she can depend on.

Because although I know she's the one you ran to,
anytime I didn't give you what you wanted,
I don't blame her.
And I don't want her to suffer.
I want her to have what you made her dream of.

Whatever you do,
do not hurt her.
Do not pretend marriage is nothing.
Honor your vows.
Honor her.

That is all I have left to say.
I just want the best.
Not for your sake,
but for hers.
Let this be your first and only wife.

Keep her as your number one.
Don't take her for granted,
and don't treat her like another one of your past girlfriends.
Don't repeat your past.
Don't ***** this up.
STLR Nov 2016
(Just going back to the basics here)

i am a goldfish who lives in a bowl, I like water that's warm,not cold

To escape to the sea is my ultimate goal I will live a fish life that is fun and bold

They feed me food that is gray and dry Sometimes the food hits me in my eye 

I get really mad and hide in my castle My eyes turn red like an apple

One day I will grow and eat other fish and if not I will be served as a dish
NeroameeAlucard Sep 2015
So a friend asked me this a few months ago you see
"If you had to take back one of your exes Nero, who would it be?"
So I gave it some thought, because I couldn't come up with an answer
I thought and pondered, because that question was so random.

So if I had to take one ex back into my life,
I'm not gonna say her name, but we went through lots of strife
We had our ups and downs, as all couples do
From insecurity to stupid arguments to the knife that is distance, I hope she catches this clue.

Our relationship wasn't perfect, oh no not by any means
But I find myself reminiscing and smiling about it more now it seems
I won't say her name but she knows who she is
And she'd hate me for exposing all of our personal biz
But I'll sum it all up in this one last line
You may be a mess, but I'm glad this mess is mine
gr Jul 2014
It seems as if everyone is telling me that I cannot think of you that way.

Not again.

I know more than anyone of how much trouble you can be.

I know I shouldn't want to take chances when I already know the outcome.

But sometimes I do because sometimes I miss you.

Sometimes I miss the way you would caress my hand and hold it tight.

Sometimes I miss your hugs that reassured me everything's gunna' be


Sometimes I miss the way your lips taunted mine in the moonlight.

Sometimes I miss the gentleness of your kiss on my mouth.

Sometimes I miss the "goodnight, beautiful" and "good morning,

sunshine!" messages that brought tears to my eyes as I looked back at


Sometimes I miss you, I really do.
I am new to this, so comments would be highly appreciated.

— The End —