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SerenaDuru Apr 12
Do not be fooled by my smile,
I am not at peace when I laugh,
I am not home when I am in ecstasy,
I wish to feel the settlement of my heart,
Within the warmth of your hand.

No one has the slightest effect on me,
Like you do.
I always keep you in mind,
Even in the arms of another.
blackbiird Feb 2019

my tears bled
like diamonds onto the sidewalk
and the sun soaked them up
before they had a chance to shine.

rihanna west May 2017
I'm standing in a crowd
with thousands of people
I'm laughing and dancing
pretending to have fun
hoping someone will notice me
but no one does
tears start welling in my eyes
I dance even more
pretending to be happy
pretending I'm not lonely

— The End —