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Erik McKee Feb 19
the air is static
i can hear a buzzing sound
****, i need coffee
poesuer Jan 25
triffids sprouted out of my brain, sinking their roots into my cerebellum
replacing electrical beats in my arteries with venom

they ate through the back of my left eye
they wrapped my whole mind in their murderous vines

as my body was shaking and my vision began to smother

I gained a new found respect for my headaching mother
my mum gets awful migraines.
mjad Jan 15
I'd rather stay in
than pass out drunk with a guy you refer to as "him"
because you were too tipsy to ask his name,
and now are sleeping in his puke with a migraine.
Tatiana Nov 2017
I keep hoping to strike it rich
with a pickaxe to a poetry vein
but all I end up doing
is swinging that pickaxe into my brain.
I have a migraine, but I want to keep writing
Shadowhollow Oct 2017
It feels like my head is splitting in two
I'm head can't take it
I just want to hide in a dark room
Windows open
The wind taking me up , up and up
Far above it all
It feels like my heads being hammered
I am a nail used in construction and I am being hammered and I am being split in two
*** when will it stop
Like a siren that won't shut up
Like ravens in the morning
Singing there deathly tunes
Waking up all in there range
Gosh it won't leave
I might as well be a servant
To an unyielding master
A master with a cruel cruel name
Master migraine
Why must we have migraines? They are such a pain
Seema Oct 2017
My head throbs like my heartbeat
Such pain, is this painful migraine
Neck, shoulder, right to my spine
I hope it goes away, this horrible swine
Temperature increases, so does my temper
I need to cool down, I need to pamper
Perhaps a nap after a long cold shower
I shouldn't have smelt that Jasmine flower
Now I am all down with this terrible headache
Why do I even make such a silly mistake?
Knowing the consequences at the end
I'll still kiss these flowers before I send...

Vale Luna Oct 2017
I think I'm depressed
Maybe I'm just being dramatic
But how am I to tell if depression is this feeling of constant static?
Is this what's got a hold on me?
A grasp on me?
Trying to suffocate the life out of me?!
But just because right now, I can't breathe
Doesn’t mean
Depression is the thing choking me

I might be depressed
But I'm fighting hard to keep it suppressed
What does it feel like?
It feels like pain
It sounds like agony
And it looks like strain
It tastes like my emotions being flushed down the drain
It smells like there’s something rotting inside my brain
A noose around my hope
Locked up with a chain
The throbbing in my head
Is not just a migraine

I think I'm depressed
But what if this is normal?
What if I'm just calling for attention?
An honorable mention
In the mental illness section
What's honestly just sadness
The cause of this madness
So I'm sinking
Drinking in this lie
In a debate against my own mind
Trying to find
The source of this
Should I tell someone?
Or let it be dismissed?
But if I let it go
Will I keep drowning in this abyss?
How will I know
If I can get over this?
Without medication?
Or a therapy session?
Building up my frustration
So tell me this:
Have I lost my foundation?
Is my mind splitting apart?!
Is this just the start?!
Would keeping my mouth shut really be smart?!

I might be depressed
Depression is defined as severe dejection
But what type of severe would put me in that section?
I want to be saved
But my fear is too great
Am I making this up?
Am I sealing this fate?
All these questions seem to be worsening my headache

The thoughts in my mind are a mess
This suffering isn't easy to digest
It feels like there's a weight on my chest
What to do now, I don't know what's best
I'm reluctant to address the rest
The ending now, you could have guessed
I have no words best to express
But I think that I might be depressed.
Dedicated to / written for: Whitehair. Ily girl <3
Mariam Shittu Jul 2017
Go away
I don't want you here

You always come unexpected
Creeping in slowly

You always come when you want to
Bringing me pain

I try to cure you
But you leave only when you want to

I think you are relentless
Because you keep coming back

When you are here
I can't concentrate

When you are with me
I am not myself

I turn off the lights
So I can accommodate you

I put my head down
So I can make room for you

It's hard to explain you
Because you are not visible

Please leave
Because you are not wanted

Go away Migraine
So I can live my life
Amanda Shelton Jul 2017
I hate migraines.
They don’t tell you
when they are coming,
and they never knock.

Instead you get an unwanted visitor
who is rude, loud, and causes pain.

It’s not fair
Who’d want that kind of visitor
coming again?

****** migraine!

**© 2017 Amanda D Shelton
Writing a poem is better than eating my words. If I didn't have the ability to write poetry I would eat my words. LOL Meaning I would have to find a different way to express myself which I would find hard to do.
Penelope Winter Jul 2017
I feel my skull shrink.
Mental voices scream as the
Walls slowly compress.

- p. winter
I have a migraine and it's killing meeeeee
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