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Jun 8
I like your mind
but I don't like mine
It hurts me all the time.
A mind like mine makes migraines
last forever, never ending pains.
In my skull
they reverberate like ringing bells
chiming every hour
my own personal ****.
Your mind is pleasant,
The kind of mind that adorns
its walls with trinkets
that express lovely sentiments.
I adore your mind
and I'm glad it is not mine.
I would not wish this ****
on anyone I knew well.
But yet I will not tell you
that I can't think well.
I tried to take medicine
But I can't let myself in
as my head hurts so much.
I can't bear it!
I have not a grain of brain matter
left that actually matters
in regards to healing this pain.
I feel my energy drain
as it does its best to hide the strain
and fight my mind's migraine.
© Tatiana
I had a migraine a couple of days ago and for obvious reasons, I couldn't write about it then. But I can do so now, so here it is.
Written by
Tatiana  21/F/earth probably
(21/F/earth probably)   
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