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The red light of the sun
Slowly descending
The sky is all I see
It’s never ending
We could fly
You and I
On a cloud

Music on the hillside
Piano in a villa over there
Violin below
Fireworks above
A beat – a beating heart
Someone begins to sing

The red light of the sun
Slowly descending
The sky is all I see
It’s never ending
We could fly
You and I
On a cloud

Is this place real
The ocean below
The red sky above
The music
Romance on the wind.
Sing with me

The wind plays with the leaves
The weather turns colder
But as long as we believe
Love doesn’t get older
We could fly
You and I
On a cloud

Only after one leaves
Does this place become real
A crown jewel midst a rocky cliff
A place so beautiful its
Memory etches itself into your soul
Food to die for
Drinks to fight for…

On a journey of the heart
There’s so much to see
When the sky is dark
You’ll be right here
Right here with me
Good morning I vow
I've never been to Positano but it is a place I know more about that any place on earth.  Someday - maybe -   Just imagine a whole hillside of villa's, open bars, condos and eateries as the backdrop for the Amalfi coast. When the sun goes down music fills the air as occasional fireworks dance off and explode over the Mediterranean. I hope that someday - someone who has either been there or goes there responds to this poem. I'd love to hear of your experiences there.
Today is November 3rd,
and I'm thinking about how we all want
to be known,
to be loved.

We all wish for those intimate conversations
that never seem to end, conversations that don't
require effort.

I think it should be that way, but as you get older and
keep trying with these "intimate conversations"
you realize that it's hard to find that one person
to have it with.

We all want that someone to not just debate with,
but to talk about the colors in the fall time or
how short life sometimes feels.

I feel that it is in these moments of intimacy
when people fall in love.
It's all honesty, no *******.

And yet, we keep trying to achieve the perfect
"intimate conversation" like in the movies- hoping
their magic will rub off on us.

In trying to achieve it, don't we lose out on the
authenticity of intimacy?
To be intimate, truly intimate, there is honesty,
there is authenticity.

And despite everything, that's what I felt when I was with you.
If I never see you again, thank you for reigniting the flame to my
life's passions.

If we do, I'll see you in Positano.

— The End —