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Siyana Aug 2019
The warmth and softness of her lips,
I felt her sensuality, placed through her kiss...
The midnight conversations, the laughter, the fights.
Little did we know, what would happen tonight.
The rosary knocked itself to the floor,
Now your father is knocking on the door...
"Girls, are you ready for church?"
Her hands placed in mine, under my skirt.
"Not yet, we'll be fifteen minutes."
He leaves. She comes. Now I've felt healing.
Xxero Jan 2019
forbidden love.
tattered art.
an endless story,
of broken hearts.
a girl loves a boy,
a little cliché.
but forever, she hopes,
he will never go away.
a girl loves a boy,
the other girls friend.
She can never love him;
her love will never end.
two girls love a boy
but he can love neither,
he cries to break himself down
and to build them up higher
so the answer is simple;
who he must choose
a boy cant love someone,
when he cant even love himself
Hey this is an original poem

— The End —