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Philipa James Feb 2019
Cradle me in your arms
Surround me with your love
Stay with me a while
Watching stars appear above
Let the moonlight reflect
In yours eyes so loving and true
For here on this night
All I need is love from you
Philipa James Feb 2019
Has anyone seen my marbles?
I can't remember when I had them last.
I am sure they are around here somewhere, oh dam and blast!

Has anyone seen my marbles?
I am sure those pesky kids have had them away.
Maybe if you see them, you can return them to me someday.

Has anyone seen my marbles?
To survive half term without them, impossible it would be.
Please, oh please, if you see them bring my marbles back to me!
Surving half term lol
Philipa James Feb 2019
Would you know a poem I wrote
Would you know me from the note
Would you be able to recognise
Or would you be fooled by my  disguise
Would I give the game away
Or incognito would I stay
Philipa James Feb 2019
To love you is easy
To live with you not so peasy
Then again I am no breeze
Many times you could have left with ease

Life has not always been a smooth ride for us
Especially the lack of time and  distrusts
Many challenges we have faced together
Who knows if it will last forever

But I love you so
And never want to let you go
Because all I need at the end of the night

Is you to hold me tight

Philipa James Jan 2019
Trees withered by the winters cold
Snow and ice covering the road
Winter sun lies low in the sky
Waiting to blind the travelers eye
People rushing here and there
Wanting to get home to their cosy lair
All missing the beauty of the scenery
The calm, the still, the tranquillity
Mountains tall covered in snow
Snowdrops adorning the hedgerow
Dusk is fast approaching, time slips away
Darkend skies spell the end of another winter's day
Soon the moon will appear
Stars in the sky, crisp and clear
The beauty of winter is clear to see
Summer is just a distant memory
Philipa James Jan 2019
At the bottom of the pile is were I lay
As I watch the sun go down on another lonely day

I lay awake staring at the moon
Knowing that it will be gone all too soon

Only for the sun to rise once more
Waiting for my true love to walk through the door

If only I could capture your heart
Maybe then you'd stay and we would never part
Philipa James Jan 2019
Song bird sing your song of love

The sweetest of sounds sent from above

Drifting away so pleasantly

To the rhythm of the heartfelt

How I love to hear each note

Soulful melodies that make me

Forever I would gladly listen

To the tune that you have
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