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BladeRunner Aug 2017
A sense of lightness
is what I suppose happiness could be
Not a feeling but a state of being

And at the same time
you can also feel blue

Light blue

So it doesn´t rip you apart
but quietly soothes your mind
and lets your soul unwind
Paul Jones May 2017
The dark of the sky      drifting over me;
heavy with feeling,      lightness of being.
21:45 - 02/05/17
Paul Jones Jun 2017
The lightness of your     spirit bounces by,
like a binding ether      joining all the dots.
11:50 - 10/06/17
State of mind: joy.

Thoughts: from thinking - about the free spirit, the joyful weightlessness and emptiness, the space inbetween, holding all matter together.

Questions: none.
Mazen Edlibi Nov 2016
Happiness creeps into my being those days!
Hope sheds its soothing light into my castle!
Humor touches the corner of my nights with ease!
Her face keep visiting my papers to engrave her beauty!
Her words let me feel the giggles that she sees me!
All of that is and much more from her!
All of that and she is the shine!
All of that and she is the Gem!
Thank you...even if  your mind turns you away! :)
                                  You...will stay..The...
The night was pale and poised on the precipice of perfection;
There was no darkness to speak of,
Just the colors and creations of some wayward artist,
The broad brushstroke of the galaxy
Silhouetted and speckled with distant stars,
Each one a story,
And every one untold.
You can find more of my poetry at
Purple Rain Jul 2016
Enveloped in shadows
Darkness surrounding
Chain's binging
Hold me captive
But what?
What is it?
I've never seen it before
It's almost to bight
Too white
Could it be?

No it can't be
For God forsakes me
My past and present
Makes me feel Imprisoned
Trapped with no escape hole
But the warmth of this sight
This beautiful bight
Shining into my core
Makes me alive more and more

An angel?
A demon?
What could possibly cut
Through me like this
It has to be
No it couldn't
In the dungeon of my mind
This "light" I find
It has to be no other
Than love
Going through an emotional time, my friend and I had to write something along the lines of this...
Anna Mosca Jun 2016

it is a revelation
not one cicada
sounds the same

a butterfly sitting
by me admiring
something I lose

myself on such lightness
I use to tell children
to stop and to listen to

the songs  of
butterflies as
they nodded back
This poem is from the collection California Notebooks 01
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