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Feb 2018
Here I am slowly walking
Down the road I have taken
Have passed through the two roads
Diverge in a yellow wood
The choice has been made
I chose to take this road.
But I was defeated
my mind is a traitor
The thoughts of “could have been”
Have started to win me over
“It would have been better
if I have chosen the other.”
I feel so hopeless and helpless
sadness, regrets and pain
I don’t know when
I’ll be able to reach the end.
I looked to the direction
Of where I came from
I closed my eyes and saw again
reasons why I’ve traveled this far
I started to feel again
The same feelings i have
When I’ve taken my first step
It was a desperate feelings
Of excitement, untainted and pure.
And then I remembered a poem
That says to not regret
and make a big difference
With the choices we made.
So I have managed to continue this journey
with no turning back,
Looking forward to the end
Regardless of what’s waiting
Despite it being unknown
I have to make this choice
A successful decision.
I was in the middle of war with my own mind before I wrote this. Thoughts of "what if" are slowly eating me inside. My career is going downhill lately and things are not going according to my plans.

And then I saw Robert Frost's the road not taken and it cheered me up and inspired me to keep going.
It helped me not to regret my choice. It boost my confidence that my chosen path is the right one for me. :)
Written by
HoneyPotter  philippines
   The Black Beast
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