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Lilly frost Jun 2019
For those who fall fast
Past the pits of time to those depths of mind
For those who refuse and refuse the refuge of a single thought in which they are sane
A changing mind is no enemy
A turning heart can tear apart the brightest of suns or the darkest of seas
A changing mind may leave behind a life unadored
But open your eyes to a life that was left unexplored
Anushruti Singh Sep 2018
On this day
I am thinking
How strange peoples are?
Sometimes they treat you
Like u mean everything to them
But mostly they treat you
Nothing to them
Are they are foolish or trying to act like foolish ?

On this day
I am thinking
How could someone be so disgust?
How people treat themselves
As a high class people?
And make others to feel like low class people
Are they trying to make others feel low
Or they are making themselves below??

Truly they are strangers
If wanna to study them
You only get chaos everywhere.
They are worth of
Go to  hell
Never and ever change yourself for them
Because you mean nothing to them
And never question on God's creation
You are most amazing person always mention.
This poem is about so called good and high class peoples

— The End —