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HoneyPotter May 2019
That time I looked at you hardly as I could
like how I used to look at you before
but I cant clearly see your heart now
'coz my eyes were clouded by tears of pain
and I am tired of waiting for a happy ending.

You looked at me like a how a stranger would
not the way you used to see me before
like the only precious thing in your life
coz you are now blinded by your pride
and you filtered out my broken heart.
HoneyPotter Apr 2019
I am not asking for support
or anything much more
but why is that doing what I want
and going to where my hearts want to go
People have always something to say
like a harsh reminder
that own happiness is luxurious
and impossible to attain?
Own happiness at the least priority.
HoneyPotter Feb 2019
I never knew my name sounds sweet
Until I heard it from your lips.
HoneyPotter Feb 2019
White horses go up and down
enchanting music plays in background
It keeps spinning, round and round
a joyful ride with a merry-go-round.

People's life goes like a carousel
spinning with worries that never end
still we must enjoy every cheerful ride
and live a life that brings happiness inside.
HoneyPotter Feb 2019
I feel the need of a soothing music
A little now
and a little later
I feel the need for a short break
A little dream
then im all better.
You are not you

I am not me

We are not us

We are two seperate people

In two seperate places

Doing two seperate things

Pretending we don't miss each other

Pretending we're coping

Pretending we're fine

Like little kids, we're pretending

But the one thing about pretending they don't tell you, is that sooner or later, it's not pretending anymore

It becomes the real thing

Two seperate people

Two seperate places

Two seperate things

Two seperate strangers.
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