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Clara Dec 2018
I feel my heart shrinking
without light, without air
feel the pressure increasing
no space anywhere

Crushing, constricting
screams muted by lies
but what will remain
if anything does

A fish out of water
a bird thrown to the ground
Adapting? Surviving?
Or wilting, drying out

I plucked myself
I broke my core

Now I'm left with the pieces
I forced out of the puzzle
and the puzzle keeps changing
I can't put them back

This hole in my chest
frayed edges, torn pages
For nothing, a thing

Here I stand
Clara Sep 2018
Is this it? Is it?
Can it be?
Is this who I am now?
Can need **** the wish?

How will I fare?
Or will I just fail?
And do I want to -
oh, what do I want?

What oh what oh what oh what?

If a dream is a wish
made by the heart
do we **** the heart
when we give up the wish?

The dream - it's dead.
Can the heart beat without it?
This new beginning...
Oh, it feels like the end.
Clara Apr 2018
Going round in circles
always and forever
remote in hand
but I'll puke before I hit stop
I never hit stop

And they are waving
waving at me
love in their eyes
Saying 'get off now'
'get off, it's enough'

The world won't stop
why can't it stop
why won't it wait for me
to get off
But I'll never get off

They are still waving
but their smiles are fading
I see the crowd behind them
they've stopped caring
they used to care

And I start feeling sick
again and again
But if I just go faster
if I just close my eyes
maybe then I'll forget

And they're still waving
but I try not to look
I just close my eyes
'cause I won't get off
I'll never get off

They wave and they scream
but I pretend I don't hear
I just keep going round
and the world disappears
I have finally gotten off , life hit stop for me. But now I just feel dizzy.

— The End —