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courtney Jan 14
Like candy floss in my mouth,
Like smoke you disappear
I’m chasing after ghosts it seems
Not sure you’re really there.

Wrapped up in your promises,
Your perfect warm embrace.
You’re the only type of daydream
I would give my life to chase;
rosecoloredpoet Apr 2018
You've led me on
But at least now I know where to go
Before I was up in the clouds
Today I fell back on the rocky grounds

I am fine I tell to myself
In hope it will supress the pain
I try not to think about it
There's always a rainbow after a rain

Please tell me that's the case
I can't stand the thought of your face
I need my save space a place where I can let it out
a warm embrace from someone I care about
Baylee Sep 2015
You are the way
The truth
The light
None shall come
To the Father
Except through Me*.
Follow in His footsteps
And you shall see,
It's been in front of you
All along,
Leave all
And be with Me.
Leaving it all behind,
Leaping towards Him,
All to find You were just
Leading me on.

— The End —