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Candy floss sweet pink
The vendor skilled at the job
Years of happiness
courtney Jan 2019
Like candy floss in my mouth,
Like smoke you disappear
I’m chasing after ghosts it seems
Not sure you’re really there.

Wrapped up in your promises,
Your perfect warm embrace.
You’re the only type of daydream
I would give my life to chase;
'Tis melancholy darken the day
so gunk on their teeth
by musturd seed and rind
yet most measure stale purée
but her only worry a harlot
inhibits men with sorrow  
as an ongoing chagrin
collapses his chin
while such amour profane
with Montezuma then
in spite of industry and vanity    
grinds lust so indifferently  
where gravity was unsightly
and brevity fell inane.
Eleanor Rigby Sep 2016
candy floss pillow
oh good old days

-- Watercolour
ji Feb 2016
I wish my love is your first breath
   of crisp, fresh air;
the first glimmer of sunlight,
   lining the horizons of dawn,
      as the lights of the Ferris wheel burn out;
your lips stained with nostalgia,
   kissed with the cherry tint of candy floss;
the smell of clean fabric against your skin--
   I wish I am--
      fragranced with the scent of popcorn--
after the carnival.
now read from bottom to top.
Thandiwe Feb 2014
I am so disappointed...disappointed in love.
It had unlocked so many closed doors and exposed my eyes to beautiful sights.
It had my heart pounding out of excitement and my tummy in knots.
I would close my eyes and feel the warmth of your hug engulf me in its ecstasy...
Ecstasy defined as "a state of being carried away by an overwhelming emotion".
It felt like I was swept away...lifted off the ground and hung up to soak up this Love.
I had no reservations...since this love showed me sights I never knew existed.
It had my highest level of thought twisted in gold rims and candy floss...lost in the fairytale that always ends happily.
Love. Love. Love.
Words formed little bubbles of thrill all around my imagination.
Cushioning any doubt I might have. It smoothed the rough edges and made the difficult seem easy.
It had me looking forward to a life with you.
Looking forward to the fights and smiles, the laughter and cries.
I used to tell you your laughter brings so much joy to my heart...
Love. I have so many things to tell you. I have so much I want to share with you.
I am upset, disappointed...yet I am excited and I still love you, love.
When you came along I belonged to the fragile kind, the dreamy kind, those that believed in the impossible.
My heart got strengthened with each day, my poems building my broken soul.
I can still see you, every second blink has your wonderful face floating by.
I blink harder to try and remove any trace of you...
Love. Feels like you tore out my heart and smashed it against a high concrete wall.
You wore your biggest boot and kicked me in the guts, making me question if I truly deserve you.
Love. It had me writing endlessly about the golden embroidery you were adding to my tapestry.
Tapestry that details the path of my my Love have been added onto my tapestry. Like it or not.
You are there, blending in with the adventures of my life.
I will remember you, forever think about you...Love, You will  settle in the depths of my being.
Stacked under the "Lost and never found".
Time to move....

— The End —