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I don't know what you prioritise.
I don’t know what is most important
content that I need to show!
I don’t know how to look visually
consistent across your programs.
I don’t know how to target your HUBs.
I don't know how to scale up.

All is

I'm lost with no signal of yours.
I'm lost on these distant and lone cords.
I’m lost with these no out-of-device

I’m consistently scaling your
layout across devices to advance
the experience of your social class.

©Feelings Coated
Mr Siri trying to scale experience of Ms Alexa social Class
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
i pick, wash, slice
the orange and
    lift a slice towards

chewing on the
flesh that is sweet
with great ambition
and pulp, taking
my mind to
hot summer

then my teeth
sinks into the
harsh reality
that inhabits

                                      ­         fibrous strands hang in my teeth-
         so annoying-      
so frustrating-
so bitter-                  

slipping  down to my innards
                                             my fingers are                    together
                                 ­                         sticking    

but i won't be
for i hold the
slice and squeeze
my tongue is        
kissed by

                           the last                of juice
                         ­     the best                 of juice

the                of knowledge that I ingest with
Nearly done with one of my poems! ^-^
Anonymous4070 Apr 2017
The page looks pretty different,
it's going slower too.
It's all just so confusing.
I don't know what to do.

I guess it's kinda... nifty.
Probably looks good on a phone.
And it's cool that the home button,
looks like a real home.

And...  The icons all look cool.
It's crashing less and less.
So maybe this new layout,
can hold up to the test?

Come on, let's all admit it.
This new layout is crap.
Turn around, run away!
We've walked into a trap.
Anyone else super annoyed with this?
RLG Jan 2017
An open letter
to those poets
who align
to the center:

                                        When prose sits in the middle
                                         it resembles gift-card drivel.
                                             It cheapens your work;
                                              your use of italics irks.

Choose a side.
I don’t care if it’s
left or                                                       ­                                right,
                ­                                                                 ­ Or center-right
                                         ­                                                     or alt-right­
(whatever that is).

The indecisive
have a lot to answer for
us being                                                       ­                                                  divisive.

Did that centered
poem you wrote
distract you from
casting a vote?

Stop fence-sitting
                                                   ­         in-between
and enjoy a
splintered 2017,
                                            ­                                                   from one side.
Disclaimer: I have used my dislike for center-aligned poems as a device to be 'political'. I understand this is a stylistic choice and I do not mean any offence to poets who prefer this layout. My opinion on this matter is dwarfed by my political frustrations.

If non-voters feel uncomfortable reading this poem, that is precisely the intention.

And yes, this was a nightmare to format on Hello Poetry. It is less of a mess in a Word doc. Still a mess though.

— The End —