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Jan 2017
An open letter
to those poets
who align
to the center:

                                        When prose sits in the middle
                                         it resembles gift-card drivel.
                                             It cheapens your work;
                                              your use of italics irks.

Choose a side.
I don’t care if it’s
left or                                                       ­                                right,
                ­                                                                 ­ Or center-right
                                         ­                                                     or alt-right­
(whatever that is).

The indecisive
have a lot to answer for
us being                                                       ­                                                  divisive.

Did that centered
poem you wrote
distract you from
casting a vote?

Stop fence-sitting
                                                   ­         in-between
and enjoy a
splintered 2017,
                                            ­                                                   from one side.
Disclaimer: I have used my dislike for center-aligned poems as a device to be 'political'. I understand this is a stylistic choice and I do not mean any offence to poets who prefer this layout. My opinion on this matter is dwarfed by my political frustrations.

If non-voters feel uncomfortable reading this poem, that is precisely the intention.

And yes, this was a nightmare to format on Hello Poetry. It is less of a mess in a Word doc. Still a mess though.
Written by
RLG  London
   victoria and ---
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