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Tuffy Mutombo Apr 2018
If you are looking for love  
you won’t find it
Pain has held it hostage
It performs on an empty stage
Only the brave can watch it perform
And Appreciate
it’s worth
Tuffy Mutombo Oct 2017
I never thought I would see the day in which I drown in love

I beg of you please don't save me

Let me drown in love
For to drown in your love is to love in your deep ocean to surrender all deep emotions
Tuffy Mutombo Oct 2017
Without flaws
perfection would mean nothing
That's why I admire your ability to show me your flaws and insecurity
Letting me in and allowing me to build our loyalty
Tuffy Mutombo Oct 2017
I am not afraid of what I can be
I am afraid of what you could be without me

I held you back, because I felt you needed me
But in reality you were always free to be who you wanted to be
What scared me the most was knowing that You would be ok without me
Tuffy Mutombo Oct 2017
Hidden emotions got you feeling captured
Like a prisoner
You are locked (in) (security)
25 to life, scared to face who you are supposed to be

This fear rapes your sense of security
As it Demoralizes your reality
Scared to be free, so you face burglary
Robbed of your deepest sense of emotions
As your feelings drown deep in the ocean

You are insecure about the way you

uncomfortable in your own skin
so you wear a persona that fits another
Tuffy Mutombo Oct 2017
Lately I have been feeling at peace with my emotions
Floating in a deep dark ocean
But still finding complete satisfaction
I found a solution to all of my painful emotions


loving me with complete satisfaction
regardless of my reaction
taking in all of my rejection
Forcing me to face my lack of emotional affection
Teaching me that to love we must take action
You staying around and showing total devotion
Loving me with no limitation

This peace I owe it to you for loving me regardless of my inability to love you to my best ability

This tranquility has become my reality
Tuffy Mutombo Sep 2017
You lied to me
     To lay with me
              I gave you me
                          But you abandoned me

Closed me in a box you dug me six feet under
My soul left to wonder

I was a dream you turned into a nightmare
I thirst in pain, now I drown in my own tears
I gave you my fears
you turned around and sharpend your spears

You Couldn't love me
so you turned me into an unlovable being

Titled me
and insane

But yet you fear losing me
because I was the drug to your pain
Tuffy Mutombo Sep 2017
I don't want to be a place card in your book
I want to be a chapter
That makes you wonder
I want to be a chapter
That makes you go deeper
I want to be a chapter
That makes you feel blessed to be a lover
Tuffy Mutombo Sep 2017
Free your mind
Let your soul unwind
Smile, remember you are beautiful
Pick up your sorrow
leave that ground
Fly to higher emotions,
feel this glorious sensation
Tuffy Mutombo Sep 2017
Knowing that it was my shoulder she cried on
Made me fall deeper in love with her
She trusted me with her pain and sorrow
I'm no savior, but for this one moment

I'm glad I'm here for her...
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