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Elaine Everdeen Feb 2019
A child's memory
is never about play
not hangout with peers
nor running all day

It's made from the words
that his parents had said
it lingers through mornings
and stays until bed
Careful the things you say, Children Will Listen

- Stephen Sondheim
BLANK Oct 2018
Some people love listening to lies even though they know the truth.
BLANK Oct 2018
Sometimes, we can forget who we are.
BLANK Oct 2018
Not everyone with bruises, wounds and scars fought for the right battles.
Not all single people are sad,
And not all taken people are happy.
Life in general is what you make it
It doesn't matter how others see it,
If you're happy in your state;that's great,its your life afterall.
Crazy how to some ears single rings misery,
Meanwhile to others it rings yeppy!joy!
We view life differently,
We might aswell just respect all views anyways.
Mrs Grey Sep 2015
When they bring you to therapies, you know what that means?
They think you're crazy.
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