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Flatfielder Dec 2020
Will we leave
You still have that car
The sale shall happen
Or have I just gone astray
Again self judgment has come to me
You say let go
no more
A future shall come for us
Let's dance and push in that hernia
Explore the world we haven't seen
The corners the nooks
Icecream in the shade
Leaving the farm just before covid
Brenda Mukisa May 2018
I now remember the very first time I saw you.
walking down the small crowded walkway.
both of us were pushing our friends.
At least I was, because I was holding mines arm and talking to her.
You on the other hand had friends around you.
But all you cared for was your phone.
One accidental meeting.

I knew I'd seen the most handsome guy in my uni.
I went back to my room and told all my friends.
They thought it was a lie.... that I exaggerated.

The next time I saw you was at a uni rally.
You were not actively involved even.
You just stood at the side lines and looked on.
I showed my roommate the handsome guy.
Weirdly she knew you....
But when we walked up to you, she said hello.
And you answered only her, you didn't see the other girl.
The one who almost collapsed from standing next to you.
You were even more handsome in day light.

Last night I saw you again.
Now I remember what that felt like again.
My heart stopped when I saw you.
And when you reached out to hug me this time.
I thought my heart would burst from pumping so fast.
You are still the most handsome guy I ever saw....
And when you walked me to my bus and made sure I got in.
I thought you'd turn around and walk away.
But you were standing at my window.....
Our parting was a peace sign..... and I pray this time again,
its not our good bye.
continuation of About us #2
a poem from the About us series.
Tuffy Mutombo Sep 2017
Sweaty p(a)lms
Perspiri(n)g pits
Pounding headache, comple(x) thoughts
Heart rac(i)ng at a fast pace
Eyes focus(e)d on burdens
Thoughts compe(t)ing to finish a pointless race
Empt(y) heart seeking comfort

Emotions fighting to be expressed
Mouth dry, stomach turning, soul burning
Pain left to explain what's happening within
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