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Scarlet McCall May 2020
She only wanted to walk freely,
or gallop through a valley
and feel the wind in her hair.
To camp by a stream and eat lembas
and wild roots.  Wander here and there
with Feanor’s sons, hunt wild boar, and drink
and laugh.
She would cast away the distaff.

But freedom for a woman can be a fragile thing,
beautiful and brief as a moth’s wing.
And a male without a mate is dangerous.
Eol, the Dark Elf, dwelt in shadow, in Nan Elmoth.
He saw Aredhel, alone and lost, and desired her, to betroth.

She had no choice
but to seek help at a stranger’s door.
And then she had choice no more.

Captivity breaks weaker hearts.
But Aredhel was Elven, and of Finwe’s line.
She bided time. She worked her womanly arts.
She raised a son, and loved him,
and told him stories of fair Gondolin.
When chance arrived, they broke free
and fled West, to the fair city.
Eol, enraged, pursued them,
and the words of Curufin stung him.
He would have killed his only son
for his defiance, but fate denied him
this pyrrhic victory.
Maeglin lived, and watched his father
die, as he stood by, free.

Maeglin—his father’s son—desired one
who loved him not. In reckless despair, he traveled too far,
and Morgoth preyed on his shame and desire.
It was not hard to turn Maeglin traitor and liar.
But no reward had Maeglin in this life--
never did he take fair Idril to wife.

Aredhel died to save her son, not knowing
he would be the one
to bring ruin on the Elven city.
Maeglin (his father’s son) had no kindness nor pity.  
He revealed the secret path
to Morgoth (his likeness in envy and in wrath).
And in the end, all fell: Gondolin, Nargothrond
and Doriath.
The tale of Aredhel, from the Silmarillion, told in verse. If you've never read the Silmarillion, it might seem a bit obscure
Jenny Gordon Jan 2018 more ways than you realize.


Come, wherefore dredge up Tolkien's silly tale,
With that girabbit hard in tow, as hence
The Scriptures count off Ehud and how thence
He judged ya, Isr'el, killing in betrayl
That fat, fat king ole Eglon to avail,
Me seeing lost visions of the shire for sense,
And Mister Bliss' adventures rising whence
I canna say why, to trip 'long as bail?!
From movies of far distant climes in tour,
With savage ninjas, or the sixties too
And student riots, loss, *** as it were
Their capping triumph of that mixt-up view,
Have I a minute to drift off, all's poor--
Yet why see fables when I half hear You?

01Jan18b know?
Shayne Campbell Mar 2016
When my journey comes to its end
All my thought and time spent
There will be one last journey
In secret the sea leads to eternity

I disembark upon a land hidden from sight
I see a barricade of mountains on guard
A place where all the fair creatures delight
Beyond these huge walls lies that land of heart

Opened are my eyes and my mind
Sanctuary of light and green entwined
The sun forever dwells in the airs
No more touch of foul and all is fair

The lands and the waters are undying
Birds in the airs of peace stay flying
The home to the Powers of the World
Absolute beauty to me was first unfurled
This poem is a tribute to the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, who is one of my influences as a writer.
SøułSurvivør Feb 2016
here's a tale I will tell
of the supreme Master
of Rivendell
elfin Lord, just and wise
knowledge deep as elvish skies
darkly handsome, unearthly fair
silver circlet, midnight hair
greatest Power for him alone
eyes as deep as river stones
grey and lustrous, holding grace
broad of shoulder, fair of face
aquiline nose, chiseled jaw
Master of the Elves. Their law.
of his mercy his people sing
possessor of the elvish Ring
one of three, such Power possessed
he's the Lord, and thusly blessed
he's seen grief and was forsaken
his beloved wife was taken
to Mordor and was in suffering bound
with the Orcs deep underground
father of the maid Arwen
who's in love with the human King
deep pain of mind, Elrond's aware
that he must leave this daughter there
in human kingdom Middle Earth
for her love has lifetime worth
but Strider will soon pass away
while Arwen has immortal days
though her love's surpassing fine
she will one day weep and pine
without her husband, all alone
for her people will be gone
they will one day sail far
following an elvish star
and of Frodo he's aware
the Hobbit will go to Sauron's lair
generous, gentle, yet supremely strong
he will help Frodo along
elvish war-mail and provision
he directs with great vision

noble King of Rivendell
at once gracious
yet mighty, fell
his word, ever,
is his bond
Hobbit friend
the great


(C) 2/5/2016
I have a great love for
JRR Tolkien
If you have never read
The Hobbit
or his Ring series
you should

Reading is better than movies!
SøułSurvivør Dec 2015

before a golden
bowl she stands
crystal sceptre
in her hands
exquisite form
bone china face
possessed of
perfect poise
and grace
hair so fine
lustrous, rich
like cornsilk platinum
to bewitch
eyes of wisdom
seas untold
revealing naught
but deepest
encrusted sheath
shows hips that flare
diaphemous sleeves
lift with the air
oval jaw
cheekbones strong
her lips move
in elvish song
what does she know
that lights her eyes
but sadness fills her
as she sings
she can't possess
The one
mistress of
the wooded lands
before a bowl
she casts her spell



(C) 12/30/2015
all rights protected

as a child i was fascinated by
JRR Tolkien
especially with the elves

was one of my favorite characters
beautiful beyond compare
wisdom profound as oceans

i wanted to be like her
but in my humanity
could not

yet i
SøułSurvivør Dec 2015
of the dragon            
the gorgon and the roc
             the griffin \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/              
and the wily sphinx
sitting on
her rock
tales of the
ogre         the banshee                
and the      troll, of these                
I don't get         weary, they do        
not grow old • the harpy and the    
pegasus, the fairy and the elf, I would
sit for hours pulling books down from
the shelf • I'd imagine places no one'd
ever seen, for they were within my
head, especially my dream •
I still love these    images &
sometimes I go to     where the
evil Smaug lies waiting   in his gold
and glitt'ring lair • won't    you please
come with me? together       we can go
to where the river wanders     \/\/\/\/\/\/        
where the pace is slow                            
or fight for maiden's                              
virtue, or defeat                            
the lothesome      
foe • or be a
          faire princess
          or like a dwarf
who's bold • in
the mountain of    
the moon, mining
      precious gold, where
       you are never hungry &
you never grow old    

I hope this turns out!
It's hard to see!

Finally this day has come.
To get another go with the sun,
A year has it been since the daylight shun.
The shadows of Mordor were almost to get me done.

What a fine day to have an adventure.
Having to save a princess as a departure.
The signs are being obvious
Birds are flying back to the Mountain,
There is no time to be in bore,
I need to hurry and reclaim back my Erebor.
I’m in wonder of what she is doing.
Probably she made plans already by now.
Or maybe she didn’t decide on going.
Thought that she might be Lonely under the Mountain.
I have to get going to save her plain,
Must get her out quickly of that fiery chain.

But wait, What’s this?
My legs are unable to move.
Why is my heart trembling with fear?
I’ve been waiting for this my entire time,
I don’t get it.
I don’t get it at all.
I’m shaking pathetically,
This is getting ridiculously annoying.
Move it! Why is my body not responding?
I can’t control my body no more
It’s totally stuck!
Is the sun causing this?
But I’m no troll to be affected by this.
I’m the Bilbo on this journey,
I’m the appointed burglar
To steal the precious Arkenstone
So what’s happening now really?
Am I scared that much
That my own body is doing what I should be doing?
If this fear is about the journey I’ll take,
The dangers I’ll encounter,
The perils I’ll meet.
That wouldn’t be a serious problem for me not to go.
But it’s different.
This doesn’t make sense.
I need to get rid of this fence.
But It’s no use,
I’m stuck in this hole in fuse.
Stuck in this Shire,
While that desolator Smaug is causing fire.

I’ve forgotten the time.
The shadows are back.
Here I am underneath the moon’s refine,
Standing still in charcoal leather black
Not resisting anymore.
I completely stood in my own accord.
Tears are spilling down my face.
I can feel in my veins the sorrow,
And thinking about it made me wonder
If I can make it til tomorrow.

So sudden it came to me in a flash
The reason why I did not move
Why I did not meet her.
It’s because a year ago I was there.
In front of her.
My precious Arkenstone Under the Mountains
The kings jewel.
The jewel that rejected my tiny hands,
That reached beyond the Middle of Earth
Just for her.
The same jewel that replaced me with a greed of a dragon.
That burned the glow of what’s inside me.

And now I remember it all.
Clear as the sky above me.
I am no Bilbo Baggins.
There is no treasure waiting for me.
No adventure as destination.
Because this,
This is just the Anniversary of my Rejection.
I am no Bilbo Baggins and this is not as if There and Back Again. I dont really know why I wrote this.

— The End —