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We're just three words without more, You and I
Not even Juliet,
Nor even Elizabeth Bennet,
Could makest this heart sin.
It is only you,
And only you makest
This heart see one.
One that could destruct
One that could build
Only one that could summarize
All emotions to one.
Because you,
You my darling!
Is my painting Liza
Of the masterpiece,
My Joan of Arc,
In the field of battle.
And the Cleopatra
Of this heart like pyramid.

So it is shall by intent,
That my heart is at best yours.
Promised that,
Not even storm,
Not even plague,
Not even starvation
Nor death,
Could separate my life with yours.
I wrote this because I was bored looking at the ceiling
Campus twilight chases the pinkest of airplanes
Across sunset pinched sky
February is making up its mind to March
I am making up my mind to loneliness
I will put the college age feminist cuff in my Levis
And swear you off
Swear you into oblivion
Kissing off this dusky breeze
Jump into liquid night
The 10 minute homeward stride
To lighted windows
Uphill to age 20

We could all shed tears
For a 17th year beating a hasty retreat
But we don’t
We’ll pillage the future
Before it even cracks a smile
Such are the years of inbetween
I'm gonna give you another try
Three words to get it right
No excuses girl, you're my world
At Sunset single
It's a bittersweet feeling to like you,
Because all I ever do is think of you.
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