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Shayne Campbell Sep 2018
The space crosses the horizon
Bending but not breaking our bond
For the sun always reaches the earth
Space and time cannot cut our love

Your voice strums the piano cord
Taking me to a place beyond thought
An emissary outside of time
The walls come down and light shines

Your eyes and smile will bring me
A warmth like falling into a dream
Follow your dream of light and rise
For the darkness will never halt your dawn
Shayne Campbell Oct 2017
The sheets are not made
The bathroom door is shut
My hands turn to painkillers
As they cut and clean myself

I feel the sting of words
I feel them pulling my heart
The mind feels alone
Despite the social surrounding

This is not a ******* joke
There is no levity in the choke
The bathroom turns red
And my blood sends this message
Shayne Campbell Jan 2018
The night was still
The air was cold
The path was cracked
It bled the filth of us

Mary had a heart for Chris
He was my little heart too
We thought it would stop
It was broken

The law took him away
They said we were not ready
The debt fell like a hill on our necks
And they finally broke our dream

They left us in the shadows
Chris would become their lab rat
But our faith stood in their way
And our pursuit for them began

Now all eyes are on us
We may have won the battle
But the hunt was born
There was no home anymore

Foe after foe we fight
The faith in Chris kindled
And we prove to be strong
But their blood is on our hands
Shayne Campbell Oct 2016
Nature is the solver
To her own equation
When imbalance rises
Her mighty offspring
Will smite it to all ends
As apocalypse incarnate

In the sea of creatures known to Man
The deepest ground of the abyss
There slumbers one unknown to Man
The blue whale is merely his hand
Sails of death cut through the water
His body radiates a nuclear terror

On the blue horizon he rises
As a mountain moving through sea
Standing in majesty greater than kings
The clouds are his crown and subjects dust
His steps tremble the earth and turn cities rubble
The roar of Godzilla is the horn for the end of Man
This poem is a tribute to Godzilla, one of my favourite movie monsters.
Shayne Campbell Oct 2016
Above I see lines of light
Below I feel a cold floor of stone
In front I see what seems a dream
A dream delighting the dark
And cutting my heart slowly
For I see children bleeding

The children are shedding blood
The children are bleeding screams
Needles, hooks, and knives
They have cut the children's chests
They have cut the children's tummies
Altogether they sing a lullaby of pain

The children drown in water
Yet they would breathe again
By the shock of the white coats
They tell us it is our time to play
Only for them to play with us
We are no more than their toys

The children are shedding tears
The children are bleeding fears
Glass, metal, and stone
They have become our cage
They have become our home
Alone we sing an elegy of pain

Our voices become more quiet
As the days move forward
We now only talk with hands
Speaking with our own blood
The glass walls turn red
Our blood prints are new words
Shayne Campbell Sep 2016
Do you see what I see?
A floor of blue is beheld
The mirror to the great sky
An air without boundary
The puddle is our ground
And spreads beyond the eye

Do you feel what I feel?
With ease is the breeze
Cooling us with its breath
It seals our eyes with love
The wind is our pillow
An agent of tranquility

The follower to the sight and wind
A twilight unfolds before us
The sun intersects the water and sky
More to the awe are tears from above
Showering the puddle in a yellow light
It brings our love to an amber glow
Shayne Campbell Jun 2016
Wake up my fallen loves
All is calm in this new realm
For you now dwell in light
Shining on plains of green
It will guide you home
And you will hurt no more

Once you breathed in a world
Breathing the airs of pain
You were not with the many
For the many repelled you
Clouding your minds with lone
And worrying your hearts

Lonesome years of sorrow
Will always reach their end
Death's door is the only line
Separating the alive and dead
Unjust deaths landed you here
Slain by the hands of hate

Do not be afraid my loves
Your time has come at last
Walk across the soft grass
Approach the ceaseless dusk
Embrace the pillow of winds
Your loves are of no end here

The birds will fly without fall
The greens flourish in the light
The waters glisten with blue
Time cannot tide you anymore
Hearts and minds hurt no more
Hate's hunt for you will end here

I will always be here to love you
No matter how quiet I may seem
Unity is our strength everywhere
Taints of division will be no more
In the light before you is the answer
The one that will allow you to rest
This poem is dedicated to all victims of hate crimes. No matter how different we may be, love will unite us together while hate will always divide us. No matter how prevalent evil may be, we must rise above despair and fight with hope.
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