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Dec 2015
of the dragon            
the gorgon and the roc
             the griffin \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/              
and the wily sphinx
sitting on
her rock
tales of the
ogre         the banshee                
and the      troll, of these                
I don't get         weary, they do        
not grow old • the harpy and the    
pegasus, the fairy and the elf, I would
sit for hours pulling books down from
the shelf • I'd imagine places no one'd
ever seen, for they were within my
head, especially my dream •
I still love these    images &
sometimes I go to     where the
evil Smaug lies waiting   in his gold
and glitt'ring lair • won't    you please
come with me? together       we can go
to where the river wanders     \/\/\/\/\/\/        
where the pace is slow                            
or fight for maiden's                              
virtue, or defeat                            
the lothesome      
foe • or be a
          faire princess
          or like a dwarf
who's bold • in
the mountain of    
the moon, mining
      precious gold, where
       you are never hungry &
you never grow old    

I hope this turns out!
It's hard to see!

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