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Parker Poole May 18
Eye look around me and all (eye) see is a brainwashed humanity...

when did we become these creatures
forgotten all of what the universe teaches?

behave little sheep lest you fall out of line
imprisoned enslaved these are the times

to rise up

to rise up to the wakeup call
that sleeps within us all
Nupur Jan 3
The young me
with my old friend
looking at far away
to see the new trend

Hope is i can look for
with a more close look
eyes on my goal
waiting for my new chapter in my book

I and my friend are happy with each other
can sense the whole world
just by sitting together
Smile and i feel happy
at least we are with each other in a this world which is so shady

An era of adventure is about to begin
we are ready to have some thrill and fun
wait world! here we come!
to show you the side that can make you shun!

We arent naughty just being ourselves
this is us and proud of being with my self
no fakeness and nothing to hide
Get along with us on this fun filled ride!
Jordan Hudson Feb 2019
I'm proud to say
This one is mine
I can make that claim
And that is fine
It took some time
And a mountain to climb
But I'm still not there
On  the peak of the hill
Soaring through the air
Not there still
Trying to find my way
Getting lost today
Stranded behind
But that is fine
Lots of street signs
Cars on the other side
I'll sit and think
What have I done
My life will sink
But this is fun
I'm not there still
Not even close
You know I will
Arrive with skill
Patience is key
While being me
Is the way to go
But I'm sure you know
New era
Not sure what to say
You know, everyone’s always moving so fast.
And yeah I’m here,
always here.
I’m tense. Everyday I walk
Can’t help but feel
that one wrong move and you’ll lose it all.

Yeah sure, I smile.
Yeah sure, I look cold.
Yeah sure, I don’t look scared.
But I am. I really really am.
I just don’t want you to see it.
I wear a mask. Believe me, I’m scared.

Okay I get it.
I’m just saying this in a poem.
In hopes you don’t
bother to read,
but hoping you
actually would.

I’m actually here just to tell you
You’re never alone
There’s always someone
in a million people that
try to look down
on you, on me, on us,
on them, on her, on him
And still feel tense and regret
Because they’re not this. They’re not that.

Get this. We are human.
If you can’t do it. You can’t.
It is no one’s responsibility
to live in the standards,
to be a living drone
of the flaws of society
or the stereotypes from
our brains.

You just be you and I’ll be me.
But don’t *****. Cuz the world doesn’t
always need one. Just be youself,

Really. I mean it. Just be you
in a way you hurt no one.

Not even yourself.
○ A poem by Juliet G. Jimenez ○

** Seeing how warmly everyone accepted my poem last last week really warmed my heart. Really, thank you everyone. Now, this poem is actually one of my older poems in tumblr and I just wanted to share to all of you that IT IS OKAY TO BE DIFFERENT. BUT SO LONG AS IT HURTS NO ONE AND NOT EVEN YOU IN THE PROCESS.

Thank you thank you so so so so much for the support everyone.

Happy reading! **
Damaré M Jan 2015
Now we are living in a new era...
When love developed eyes
All the other senses are missing

— The End —