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Kay-Rosa May 2019
so sweet
the honey in my tea
the sun's ****** light
the regular bedhead, beautifully you

so spontaneous
dancing in the rain
busting in song
kissing at brunch

so independent
determined to open the pickle jar
(i can't do it either)
instead we have popcorn, so off topic

hey there, love
i wrote this just for you
do you know who you are
'cause i don't have a clue
Please comment, babes. Love you guys!
Kay-Rosa May 2019
you belong to someone else;
you belong to yourself
you love someone else
i steal you away
hide you in my heart
could give you thousands of reasons
with me would be better than with any guy
me love you
me steal you away
Feel free to comment!
Kay-Rosa May 2019
i was wondering
if you can hear me
its likely you can,
you just dont care for the drone of my voice
or maybe you cant
and i dont exist
just a speck
forever floating

youre beautiful
even if you cant hear me
even if you just dont care
Kay-Rosa May 2019
Because I could not tell for Annie,
it did kindly tell for me.
Annie, Annie, every where,
Yet not a drop to tell.

How happy is the West Side Story, American Anita!
Anti Anita.
Does the anti Anita make you shiver?
does it?

How happy is the three fundamental truths Angie!
Does the Angie make you shiver?
does it?

When I think of the brilliant Becky, I see a common O.W.L..
Why is it so fuzzy?

Like an a friend's friend, the Annie likes to tell.
Annie, Annie, every where,
Yet not a drop to tell.
Kay-Rosa May 2019
There are times when quintessential things fall apart.
So, we dream of a brand new start,
something that happens in the dark.
Can we help one another in the beginning?
Get the newspapers to help with the printing,
the public showing of this movement to stop "winning".
Stop trying to one up another,
Rise up, help the cause, dear brother.
Start up the band and sing along, something we can rediscover.
So, can we all raise a glass to the unPerfect days,
we all crowd together, the feeling a newly welcome glaze.
Together we dance, completely in sync, a repraisal ballet.
Don't forget our times, but the grown-ups always do.
All movement is movement, this was a breakthrough.
Keep it alive, even undercover, but I must bid you adieu.
Try it.
Kay-Rosa May 2019
always on my mind
trying to find some perfect thing to do to u
smiling on the outside, dying on the inside
could i want to **** u and kiss u at the same time?


yes, i think its possible, love
can i call u that, is that okay
give me a sign, can i love u
is that allowed
is it?
Kay-Rosa May 2019
you crawl inside my veins,
clog my circulation,
stop my heart

you cuddle inside my bones,
rattling the mirth of me,
stopping me in my tracks

you sneak inside my mind,
clouding my every waking moment,
stealing my brain cell (one at a time
with every side glance in my direction)

you steal inside my ear,
your voice a whisper across the room,
your sound resting on my shoulder

you sit upon my lips,
dangling your legs from my tongue,
your name choking me every time I see you

you curl up between my legs,
your voice, seductive to your significant other
bothers me so

you scratch beneath my skin,
always a need at the back of my neck,
forever pulling me in while pushing away

you cloud my subconscious,
so every time I drink, somehow
your my designated driver

let me poke your heart,
as you stab mine, shredding it to bits
just so you might see me
hey, dudes.
Kay-Rosa May 2019
Darling, baby, corazon
Dear, sweetheart, sugar,
Honestly, never your name.
Honey, pet, cinnamon
Carino, mon chou, bunny.
For the day I call you by your name,
Cuddlebear, goddess, pearl
Star, treasure, microbe
Is the day I'm on one knee, love.
Google 'terms of endearment microbe' apparently its Italian. I laughed sooo hard at that. Im terrible.
Kay-Rosa May 2019
Takes time, not effort
but, I procrastinate, love
to pause my problems
Oh my god, look. Its a Haiku.
Kay-Rosa May 2019
i fear the dark,
i fear the light.
i fear the shadows and the monsters who take refuge in my mind.
i fear the eternal silence,
i fear the bloodcurdling screams of the voices who are never given a microphone.
but most of all,
above any fear i have ever felt,
i fear being stuck, i fear failure.
i fear i will never get anywhere with my limited abilities.
i fear falling down,
to my own personalized hell where endless,
                                              crippling failure is
                                                            for once
                                 just once
can i play the game
                                                                                 and win?
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