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Anthony Pierre Nov 2019
On islands of the tropics sweetly sets
over poignant scented bistros and tide
on a rich apricot, painted canvas
a gentle warmth for winter's hostile chide

As bare footed limps deep into the sand
To chirps, to giggles; crashing surf so glad
Briskly washing away all memory
of the wintered homage of Avon's bard

A pale mat lays hush, as red kites ascend
to prey in vast fields of his frigid shire
From a window's sill, his eyes thus pretend
A sonnet on the seaside's to retire

Seldom he escapes winter's icy grip
Shakespeare seaside sonnet: a mental trip
A sonnet for my friends in their winter estate
of times long
Persian poets did write
along the Euphrates River
where a shimmering sun
put atop its waters
a glimmering

since these ancient
many a poet has scribe verse
beside other river
Shakespeare thinking of an Avon love
who caught his thoughts
in such deeply abiding

Boney M's lyrical
by the Rivers of Babylon
is a modern
of the writers eternal feel
for a river streaming
wordage of

— The End —