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deadhead Apr 5
How lucky those little
golden flecks must feel,
the ones around your pupils.
I'd give anything to find myself there
in the green seas of your irises.
why are your eyes so captivating 0.0
stranger Jan 2019
There's a forest with ethereal green leafed trees
And amethyst waters.
Moss under my bleeding knees
And a rain crying sky mother.
The water glows its violet stars
And the trees wash off their now old blueish leaf shards.
And I stand in the forest of my home
In the dewy irises and the misty grass
Maybe I can't stay here for too long
But I'll wake up in the ash
Of a burnt dream.
old thing I found about this forest I used to live in. My head has pretty places
Ian Moonsy Jan 2018
Irises I will never see,

Hidden in the light that pours down

Like a painting coated in dust and dirt;

I've only to touch it

Brush them open, see them

The colors

The spectrum.

But in fear,

this I will never do

Or I'll only hold

a broken masterpiece.
snuffed out. tired
suicidal twitch Jul 2015
And in this courtroom
So filled with Four Nations
The Sun held her head up high,
Lighting the way for their tales and psalms:

I am the King of Spades.
Righteous ambition is my goal.
The bravery of the Spades is made known to others
Only through such matters.
Perseverance is our path to Victory
Endurance, our greatest desire.
We, the Spades, partner with Father Time
To belong as a mighty people
Forever more.

I am the Queen of Diamonds
The splendor and enjoyment of Life's beauty is my passion.
A Diamond's journey is a one of glorious awe
That no one can compare.
Loveliness surrounds this pretty people
And the Artist shall forever be pleased by them.
Our perception of artistry leaves most in awe
And this fact is forever the passion we strive for.

I am the Queen of Clovers
Survival is the sole lifestyle of the Clovers
In this wretched and unforgiving world
The Clovers must stay strong
Holding the clubs of the ancients,
We prevail
Onward shall we extend our power
The Clovers will remain
Forever the mightiest.

I am the King of Hearts.
The rapid spread of emotional ties
Is what us Hearts long for.
Threads of fate surround our people
Binding them to one another.
Love, lust, infatuation
Oh, these are the things that steady our nation!
So filled with Faith, Hope and Love
Our Hearts shan't fail us
As passion will never cease
To flow in our veins
—ah, yes!
This is the way of the Hearts.

And in this courtroom
So filled with Four Nations
The Sun laid down her head
Whilst the Moon finally awoke and,
Smiled his light onto them below.
This was made by my fanfiction friend called Sam-Chan who gave it to me! :3
AavelinaJaden Apr 2014
Maybe I don't notice the little things.
Like the way your mouth looks when it forms my name.
Or the way you feel steadier with your hand in mine.
Or even the way your fingernail is chipped from playing guitar for me.
But what I do notice is your eyes.
How they have little golden flecks in the soft green.
Green that's like a meadow in the summer that's more prominent in the sun.
I often stare into those eyes.
Trying to catch a glimpse of what you see in me.
i Mar 2014
i was wrong,
so wrong,
but i find my true love,
my beautiful muse
with chocolate brown eyes,
that makes you fall in love with
her, more and more
each day.

— The End —