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Beda Flores Apr 7
"you think im perfect but im not
you see the pain through my scars
you say say life should go on
but why should i bother living at all
you think you know me but you don't
i see the truth but you don't see it at all"
Beda Flores Jul 2021
" i feel so alone
but yet there's eyes around me
as i breath in and out
i can barely feel my heart beat
that feeling of adrenaline
will never go away
can i say i miss you
even though i shouldn't
but how do i stop loving you
when my heart beats for you"
Beda Flores Jan 2021
“ Is it weird to feel empty
Or like you don’t belong in the world
Well that’s what I feel
Like I’m not blending into the crowd
I’m still trying to figure out what I like
And what crowd  
am I supposed to be in
I Just feel empty
But when I get to work
I see this one special person
Who makes me feel like
There’s someone out there
Who’s just waiting for me
You know
I guess you could
Say they are a
Special soul
Beda Flores May 2020
" I remember the night we met
the sky was blue
it was so breezy and
you gave me your sweater
when i put it on i felt like i had
a part of you with me
and all that time we spent together felt like eternity
but that day when the car came and hit you
it was like
someone had stabbed me in the heart with a knife
and since that day i was never the same"
Beda Flores Feb 2020
" I dream that i am in a garden full of red roses
and all of a sudden i see
a beautiful white rose right in the middle
and as i keep walking towards it
the rose moves farther away
and all of a sudden
i am in a place where
everything is just so perfect
and i know it's rare but
is this heaven or not"
Beda Flores Feb 2020
“ I need you tell me
That the first time
We met you felt something
That it wasn’t all in my head
I know we grew apart but
Tell me the truth
Do you still love me
Tell me that every time
We find each other
You don’t feel you heart beating faster
Tell me I’m not the only one
Who feels that
Tell me one last time that you love me ”
Beda Flores Mar 2019
"Can we go back to those happy days
were you said you loved me and that you would never leave me
i remember those nights were would spend the whole night talking
about our worst fears
but we cant't because the best things are born to die"
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