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UltraViolent Dec 2019
Let this be one giant collaboration throughout the years.
Let this be a reminder of who you were.
And what I wanted for you.

Never forget about the 3 successes.
Never forget about our dreams.

Stresses we had to endure.
And the amazing people we got to meet.

Don’t ever let your hubris get the best of you.
Don’t think that’s what it means to be new.

Change was never a bad thing.
Change to the worse is what’s frightening.

Remember the experiments.
Remember your instantly.
When you punched the walls.
In an outburst of profanity.

Avoid those who seek your downfall.
When life knocks you down.
Get up, and stand tall.

Never forget those who took advantages of your gullibility.
Learn to have tolerance and expand its capacity.

The world isn’t tolerant to those who are weak.
We don’t follow packs.
Because we are the freaks.

This was never meant to be rhymed.
It was a message in my diary.
But what a better way.
To hype my future with a poem that’s fiery!
I wouldn't call it a poem, since it follows not proper rhythmic rules.
But I just felt like posting it after accidently rhyming the first few sentences in it
Chase Parrish Mar 2019
Have you ever loved, just like me; and lost?
It's been a lifetime since. I shouldn't care.
And yet, bereft of life, in horror's snared,
My heart aches all the same. Could I accost
My heart I would say, "Say, what will it cost?"
"Exhaust this pain! Run out you your despair!"
"I'm tortured in this flame, and quite aware..."
"Like Hell, do you go on, and turn and toss..."

Perhaps that's morbid, terse, or just perverse,
But **** this fool heart for all of this pain.
Sometimes I think it might end with a hearse.
Instead I write poems, till morning, amain.
Lest slip my grip, and lose all that I'm worth.
I hope my dreams bring me no coup de main.
Honestly... I've tried many times to quantify this into a poem, and I still don't think I've done it here. My earlier poem "******* a Poet" was a decent start. This feels kind of forced, but It's 6 am, and I've been up all night... and I wanted to try. Have a nice day to anyone reading this.
Poetiknjustice Nov 2018
Knew from the first kiss it was gonna end like this/but I'm addicted to this pain,baby I'm such a *******/so hurt me please with the razors in your lips/I've felt nothing for quite a while, but never nothing quite like this/love the way you take me in while I sip this poison from your skin/so if you’re gonna be the death of me, then let’s make it Macbeth up in this *****/let me write a couple acts/ while you try not to act impressed/ but I love the way you can't seem to hide the shaking in your legs...
Natandaan ko ang mga tawa **** ‘di natatapos,
At ang mga pang-aasar **** ‘di maubos.
Naiinis ako pero, “haha. Tawa na lang.”
Hindi ko naman inaasahang
May muling bubulaklak ulit sa aking puso.
Noong hinahawakan mo pa ako,
Lagot na naman ang aking damdamin.
Ikaw na ang laging nasa isipin.
Pero... May minamahal na rin ako.
Bakit ngayon may lungko’t galit ka?
Sila ba ang rason at sa susunod ay ako.
Sorry kung ako ang naging dahilan.
Hindi ko sinasadya, iiyak-iyak ka na.
Aaminin kong hindi ako sanay
‘Di ko rin man lang matanong kung,
“Huy. Okay ka lang ba?”
Halata naman sa mga mata mo
Na hindi mo na talaga kaya.
Ewan ko ba, ngiti mo lang ang hinahanap ko.
‘Di ko rin alam na iyon ang kailangan ko.
Kaibigan lang naman pero bakit iba?
Gusto kita patawanin ng patawanin...
Para tumigil ang pagwawasak ng iyong damdamin.
Kaibigan kong malakas at matapang,
Alam kong lalaki ka pero hindi mo tinago,
Ang mga damdamin **** ‘di naglalaho.
Alam ko na baka isumbong mo ako,
Sa aking lalaking iniirog.
Pero kung alam ko lang ang rason ng mga tawa mo,
Sigurado akong naibigay ko na iyon sa’yo.
Yung mga pang-aasar mo para sa’kin na ‘di mo malimot,
Nasa ulo ko, pinagtatawanan kong paikot-ikot.
Malamang ay pinagtatawanan mo rin
At sigurado akong gusto **** balikan.
Magiging baliw ako, mapatawa ka lang,
Nagugustuhan (na) kitang makasama,
Pero mas maganda pang kaibigan na lang.
Kasi pag nalaman ****, “oo. Gusto kita,”
Hala heto na naman... Aalis at iiwas ka na.
Minsan ay nakakapagod rin maghabol
Ng mga taong sa huli’y mabibigay ng hatol.
Pero ‘di tayo aabot sa ganoon.
Kalimutan mo na ang aking sinulat.
Ito ay kabilang sa pagkakamali ng kahapon.
Kahit “kuya” lang? Okay na.
Haha. Kaibigan lang? Okay na.
O lalaki kong best friend? Sapat na.
Tandaan mo na lang na narito ako lagi,
Para subukan na mapatawa ka kahit minsan.
Sapat na, hanggang kaibigan lang.
Annabelcc Jul 2017
Who wants to read a love poem about someone else’s divine.
Not me, for sure.

No one wants to read my love poem
but that’s not why it’s here, in front of you, in front of me.

Emotive, raw, wreckless love cannot stay within you
you sing, sing that love through every breath
every thought and smile

It seeps through your pores, your eyes
Through your finger tips
An energy that cannot be contained

It’s an excitement, a rush that try as you might
Just can’t wrap into a formal poetic structure
It just pours so fast I can’t put it on paper

I’ll keep oozing until I see you again
Po Lista Jul 2016
talking to y'all
is layk
talking to
dating sim
i fail to capture anyone's interest
marie Jun 2015
we are what people sing about, what pop culture is made of;
darling, we are what everyone wants to be--
two idiots in love, happy and content
the building blocks of all young adult novels, everyone's goal
but nobody ever bothers to know how this love came to be
what's behind it, who's had to weep, why it happened

it was love at first sight for him, and she, a few months later
they were happy and awkward, like childhood lovers decades ago
god, were we ******* adorable
i hated how you confessed online, but made up for it
when i confessed back in person, two weeks later
(your blushing face and awkwardness were enough as payment)
you properly asked me out later on, beside my very yellow school bus
we had our first kiss in our school's unkempt football field

honey, we're what everyone wants to be
a couple made up of two distant planets that were apparently meant to create a whole new galaxy entirely
(and we both loved that, didn't we?)

then came our sudden fallout from your part,
and six months
have never seemed so long not until this whole **** happened

there was nothing for those whole six months
silence, dullness, emptiness
the sky looked like what i would see if i were drunk,
just a mess of dark colors with no real meaning and affection to it
everything looked like that, and in the midst of all that
i realized something

honey, from the start, we were what everyone wanted to be
we were in love
but we were never friends, were we?

those six months are done now, and again, we hold hands
the planets are back together, our new galaxy expands each day
i look outside my window,
and each night sky i see turns into another work of art once again

god, i love you so much right now
more than i did before we cracked
(more like before you cracked and i crumbled)
we're slowly piecing ourselves back up
and again, i think:

love, we are why poems need to be romanticized
why stories need to be written by people who love dictionaries
why pop songs are repetitive and love songs are everywhere

we went about this the wrong way, because honey,
we were just lovers,
we were never friends

(that's all changing now, though.
thank god.)
Yarelis Aug 2014
There are good sounds
and bad sounds.
There are those we want to hear
and those we don't.

There are sounds that make some smile:
     the voice of a person,
     a baby's first cry,
     the melody of a song,
     the chirping of birds in the sky.

There are sounds that make some frown:
     the sound of a gun firing,
     military trumpets at a funeral,
     the sound of a phone ringing
     when it's an unwanted call.

But those that make some frown
also fills others with joy,
and those that make some smile
could be the misery of a young boy.

Sounds can repair,
and sounds can destroy.

— The End —