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I want to commit sins with you on Sunday mornings/bend your spine and learn every scripture in your story/ wet my fingers at the edge of every page/ be a sacrifice at your altar/A prisoner in your cell/dwell inside your pit, burn beneath your Hell.../
I want to commit sins with you on Sunday mornings, only ever praying that you never absolve me/
Poetiknjustice Nov 2018
She's the type you fall in love with knowing you shouldn't/a special spice of life that you crave no matter how bitter the aftertaste or how poisonous the root...
Poetiknjustice Nov 2018
Knew from the first kiss it was gonna end like this/but I'm addicted to this pain,baby I'm such a *******/so hurt me please with the razors in your lips/I've felt nothing for quite a while, but never nothing quite like this/love the way you take me in while I sip this poison from your skin/so if you’re gonna be the death of me, then let’s make it Macbeth up in this *****/let me write a couple acts/ while you try not to act impressed/ but I love the way you can't seem to hide the shaking in your legs...
Poetiknjustice Nov 2017
If only she knew how she haunts my dreams/an apparition of beauty words could never speak/her voice calls as sweetly as her lips taste/or so I imagine/It's hard to fathom ever being deeper infatuated/I close my eyes to hold her visage even longer/but in the morning she'll be gone/carried away with the sun, her name, strangely now tastes bitter on my tongue/I wish I could find the right words to bring you to life/ channel the poets of former lives/read your mind to find the perfect way to make you stay/you consume my every thought/and yet, sometimes, I think you barely know my name...

— The End —