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Jordan Jun 7
Her lips,
leave my body,
I've always marveled
at the aptness inherent
in the trivial meaning-making
which coined the term 'four-twenty'.
It speaks to the nature of the stuff.

Here's to 4:20, 4/20, 4.20,
We mark it a holiday In Praise of Idleness.

Who could have known the antics
of a handful of high schoolers
in San Rafael, California
should be the origin of this celebration
of cannabis culture.
Humble beginnings.
The best of Mormon boys
I'd never tried ****
Or alcohol
Or Coffee

I was raised to live a
Word of Wisdom that
Forbids it and
I obeyed

But suicide crept in
Too many times to
Afford not to
Try new things

My therapist convinced
Me to try two things
New: Sativa,

Sativa to help me
Process from novel
States of mind that
I might see

Indica to bring me
Back into the corpse
I had left back
In my grave

Cannabis, I was told
By my therapist
-Who looked just like
An angel-

Was a sacred plant that
Was used for decades
Centuries or
Much longer

Grown straight from out the Earth
She told me that They
Wouldn't cure me
Nothing could...

Cure me but me, but still
They were powerful tools
For healing change
When used right

She believed they could help
Aide my recovery
Help me, fix me
So I tried

I turned my back on my past
Mormon ways and
Opened a door
I can't go

Back through ever again!
Over the last year that
I've used this

We've grown intertwined
Like a vine that grew
Through my nervous
System slow

But surely becoming
A part of who I
Am like part plant
Part human

She took the role of Mother
A mother I wanted
But never had,
Not since twelve

And even when I moved
Back home to Utah
From Colorado
I can't quit

I love Her too much now
When I can't sleep She
Sings lullabies
In the dark

When nightmares from my past
Come find me She will
Whisper sweet words
Of nothing

But they make me feel loved,
Make me feel lovable
In ways I never
Knew before

Not once in my old life
Of Twenty-eight years
Struggling with my

I felt cannabis' love
For me my first hit
She adopted
Me and I

| Can't Quit Now |
Thank you
MerlieJ Mar 2019
Warm Sun
Baking my cold fingers
Into perfect temperature
Chocolate chip cookies.
Groovy beats tap    tap   tap
at my ear drums
boom boom tap boom boom tap
Swimming on my back in a bath
of red and orange
Cartooning and Contorting
Into the stomach
of the whale
Wind blows
I am too cold
Take me back
to warm, perfect cookies.
Like two perfect *******,
to rest your head upon.
No greater comfort in the world than that.
Enotions Mar 2019
Altered Mind, body lifted up
Slow paced thoughts in the couch.

Foggy Feelings, feet in the air
Smoke filled eyes in the bed.

Racing Emotions, heart on my sleeve
Induced paranoia in the room.

Crushing down with hunger And fatigue. '
Thanks, Indica. I've had a great night with you
You made me feel special; like an angel.
Annie McLaughlin May 2017
I'm out of it again
**** baby
Your eyes became so red

I can't resist another go
Feels so good
Blowing smoke to join the show

Oh my god,
We did some crazy ******* ****
Wait a minute,
Did your grandma really take a hit?
Yes, his grandma really took a hit.
cait Mar 2017
i breathed in the smoke
that charred my lungs
in hopes that you had seen

the smoke that caused
my chords to crack
and left my voice so mean

but you who whispers softly
and you who speaks with care
could not seem to understand
why i chose the poison air.

you said i am
d i s g u s t i n g
you said i should get
h e l p

so yes you maybe scorned me.
and yes you maybe saw.
and that was what i asked for.
wasn't it?

when for you i broke the law
if anything you loved me less
My favorite # 1 Life experiences enhancer stress and pain reliever the magical psychotropic attributes it has makes me go loco. Cannabis Sativa/Indica or Hybrid I love it all...the only bud I won't smoke is "Reggies" that seedy nasty ****. It gives me a headache. All other qualities strains and methods of ingesting or using marijuana welcome. The *** oil is so strong yet so dreamy and good. All around is excellent medicine and I will always remain to use it even after I quit my other habits. Makes people rejoice and come together happily with each other and commune and be kind to each other respectful to each other. That is what u love about cannabis.
PotHead4 Life 4/20Friendly
©Franko the Christian Poet
I use marijuana for spiritual communion too. I use it to ponder in the presence of God and ask questions seek answers and form methods of spiritual recovery and healing. Cannabis is a Gift from God.

— The End —