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Hg  Jul 2018
first high
Hg Jul 2018
take me back
to the first high

to the first time
that she and i

sparked a bit
of indica

dilated eyes

take more hits
to revisit

before we split
to separate lives

take me backwards
reverse time

to my first love
to my first high
Enotions Mar 2019
Altered Mind, body lifted up
Slow paced thoughts in the couch.

Foggy Feelings, feet in the air
Smoke filled eyes in the bed.

Racing Emotions, heart on my sleeve
Induced paranoia in the room.

Crushing down with hunger And fatigue. '
Thanks, Indica. I've had a great night with you
You made me feel special; like an angel.
Talarah Shepherd Jun 2014
I look out at the light
red filling in my eyes
with Indica rising
I look like I
Am a textbook stoner
preparing for the test
by reading all the answers
there is no question left
except the meaning of life
which I might well express
except again, I thought up
another good question
again I realize that I
don't know for sure where my pipe is.

It's about this big. Like between the size of an index finger and a *****.
I know that's vague because I didn't specify yours or mine
--But my ***** is twenty inches long
and a device that long would probably be a water pipe.

(I don't want to get arrested)
Obama's listening, oh
and I don't own one, oh
seriously, did you see where I put that ******* thing?
It's No Cash Monday.
Katie Jun 2015
this time last night i was straight up sloshed.
sloshed...weird word
i love weird words, just the phrase weird word.
im about to spark the bowl.
up up and away, man.
lately even the thc cant put me to sleep.
indica. indica.
indica is similar to the word america.
okay i guess not, but a bit.
a bit.
what is a "bit"
i hate cats.
they scratch and bite.
theyre the devil, straight up..
i dont believe in religion.
its silly, really.
wow am i dr seuss...
it is silly though.
each religion has similar morals.
just be a ****** good person.
i never believed in anxiety until i experienced it first hand
i thought i was in control of every single aspect of my life.
while this is mostly true
i believe you only control your reaction.
the original panic is the action.
if you pull your self out of it, its your reaction.
its 11:31 now.
i have yet to spark the bowl.
my mind is a wild place.
but i cant imagine having anyone elses.
Rina Vana  May 2016
Rina Vana May 2016
crimson vibrations thread the silk song of pink flesh making love to strings of nickel
the crumbling of bark is comforted by the crackling of a cardinal’s hues
time is white like egg shells fresh with feathers
a face of determination lost in the depth of a temporary frustration
attempting to unearth a solid floor for exploration
the trembling question,
can it really happen?
could we build a home from elmer’s glue and a muted microphone?
fluorescent minds dance in smoke rings like Hawaiians
his eyes bleed wine,
and we find ourselves alone with the bittersweet night
Cunning Linguist Jul 2019
*****, I’m still deft like a leopard;
Repping these streets,
Still chasing da paper
Quick wit the maths,
SoCal’d-rap c u lator
Innovate it & faded,
I drink it straight up, no chaser

Backw(ar/oo)ds I’m facing
I’m trippin’ my laces
Inhaling clouds of a thousand lit vapors
Sowing my seeds,
Young man he ain’t got no patience
Be wading my way
Thru a crowd of y'all haters

Insane bro,
How they still don't know my name
Money and fame
I scream while I slang,
It's lame
And I can't move my feet,
my knees are weak
Padlocked to my mafkin’ seat

****** around and popped some molly,
U know I be boolin’
Wit a couple of y’all thotties
My Impala’s no ‘Rari
I’m not saying sorry,
***** I got no money
My Mom’s where my house be

I see you sneak dissin’
Just gonna squeeze this in
I’m a heathen and I mean it
~Ope please excuse the dopeness,
I’m just wokest with the flow dontcha know it?
Best have some hands to throw 4sho,
Unless u glow wit it

If I had as much love
As I had **** in my pants,
I’d fill you up at the first glance,
Given the chance
Got u entranced,
We **** when we drance
I’ll show you London,
You show me France yeah

Suicide’s on my mind
Though I can’t seem to find
Motivation inside
I say I wanna try
But I’m wasting my time
Just want some good vibes
Hmu if you find em?

Said I'm havoc wit astounding clout
Blow clouds spit them fractals wow
shifting shapes, him prismatic now
-I’m in another dimension
Guess I never questioned
the consequences
of my pathetic aesthetic

Ya I wear a ****** mask
so you can’t see my pain
Tell me does it resonate,
Does that penetrate your brain?
Man everyday, it straight feel the ****** same
So let’s just vegetate
Now watch me steady levitate
I’m breaking loud,
Falling apart like towers to a plane
Flowers to a flame burning down,
Mayday, mayday
You melt the beams in my heart,
What can I ******’ say?
Catch me diving headfirst in them opposite lanes
Then my mind,
Gets flushed down the ******’ the drain
*****, if you ain’t a succubus
Get the **** up out my gravy train

I smoke big doinks
Gets my mind zoinked
To the point I’m anointed

All about the jinkies
When I'm smoking on that ******,
Take you to the movies,
Tryna feel up them *******
Finna get *****,
I’m no noobie wit a Hoop-D
Shoot my shot up in the *******,
When I hit her wit da roofie

That beat slap harder than a drunk stepfather
When you feeling up his daughter
Got some choppers in the locker,
-Steady mob but I’m a scholar
Now they droppin’ all these dollas
Got the armor to conjure
& conquer the darkest monsters
Hollerin at my partner,
Slobber on my whopper while I stomp em’
Noggin I’m finna clobber
Coldest shoulder on the mountain

My manhood hooked in the crook of ur nook
Y’all wanna tip toe but I don’t pussyfoot,
Wanna throw bows?
Tell ya *** not to look
Vibrate in the ****,
You could say that ***** was shook

Yeah my lines are blurry,
Insufflate blizzards in a fury
Digging where the sewage be
For all these ******* I am luring

Skewering all you limp *****,
Ripe for the barbequing
Cos I been roastin y'all ***,
This **** just ain't ****** new to me

Suckle on my Johnson just to savor the taste
That’s real cheese flavor,
Parmesan off the grate
Got some fries with that shake,
Know those thighs make me quake,
Great Value™ cellulite it’s processed Equate™!

Assassinate you with stealth
God's not gonna save you
When you’re screaming for help
Guns drawn, black lung,
***** I shoot from the belt
Dead-Eye in the sights,
Just need five perfect pelts
Gettin’ litty
Spend $50’s
Pet kitties
**** *******
On this niftier side of ******
while I acquire the wealth

Yo, I smoke a rello
To un-harsh my mellow,
Y’all yellow bellied fellows
Can’t reach my own level

Don’t like my rhymes?
You can fight me
Ignite whilst I smite thee,
From the sky
These bolts come to strike, see
Now I’m magically
Sporadic as lightning

Got Gucci on my zipper -
Throw me a bag, u kno I’ma flip her
Call me Jim Lahey, *****
Cuz’ I am the ******* liquor!
Gonna put on my slippers,
And rock you wit da dripper

In tha cut,
I’m tripping ****
Yuh rolling up that indica
soundcloud. com/duderocketship
Kittridge James  May 2013
Kittridge James May 2013
Only in my state

Of punch-drunk

In love and

My buzzy body high

Can make me feel as if

I radiate poetry
The best of Mormon boys
I'd never tried ****
Or alcohol
Or Coffee

I was raised to live a
Word of Wisdom that
Forbids it and
I obeyed

But suicide crept in
Too many times to
Afford not to
Try new things

My therapist convinced
Me to try two things
New: Sativa,

Sativa to help me
Process from novel
States of mind that
I might see

Indica to bring me
Back into the corpse
I had left back
In my grave

Cannabis, I was told
By my therapist
-Who looked just like
An angel-

Was a sacred plant that
Was used for decades
Centuries or
Much longer

Grown straight from out the Earth
She told me that They
Wouldn't cure me
Nothing could...

Cure me but me, but still
They were powerful tools
For healing change
When used right

She believed they could help
Aide my recovery
Help me, fix me
So I tried

I turned my back on my past
Mormon ways and
Opened a door
I can't go

Back through ever again!
Over the last year that
I've used this

We've grown intertwined
Like a vine that grew
Through my nervous
System slow

But surely becoming
A part of who I
Am like part plant
Part human

She took the role of Mother
A mother I wanted
But never had,
Not since twelve

And even when I moved
Back home to Utah
From Colorado
I can't quit

I love Her too much now
When I can't sleep She
Sings lullabies
In the dark

When nightmares from my past
Come find me She will
Whisper sweet words
Of nothing

But they make me feel loved,
Make me feel lovable
In ways I never
Knew before

Not once in my old life
Of Twenty-eight years
Struggling with my

I felt cannabis' love
For me my first hit
She adopted
Me and I

| Can't Quit Now |
Thank you
ivory Jun 2015
during the quietest nights of self-examination,

i have come to the saddest of conclusions that perhaps

this depth is not to be shared: i am meant to swim alone while only once or twice reaching the surface to refill ever drowning lungs,
watching the faces above shifting through translucent waters 

some stop to stare and maybe stir the surface with their hands
because they have caught a glimpse of something unexplainable and shining
but never
 diving far enough to explore

and through this process i have decided you don’t love me because you’ve never known me
you are just another curious passerby
who doesn't have the time to hold their breath.
Dre G Sep 2013
you fall like umbilical cords
for the purpose of befriending
bacteria at the site of your
bloated corpse collection.

the way you make me vibrate is a
witch trial, my talismans shaking
as i grasp the embryonic roots. do you
know what kind of flora we found
in the red maple swamp today? do you
wrap around the left horn of dionysus?

there is a space between your lips,
not the upper, not the lower, but the
plane at which they meet. this is where i
want to stir my cauldron, this is what i
want to bathe in poison.

water bearer! do not bring me
indica, do not bring me purple orchids,
i am only pleased by small mammals
writhing from the corners of your fangs
(a secret that can only be sealed sanguinarily).

and now tell me: when your veins
turn like supernovas, when your minions
dance for you in throngs, do you exhale
the debris? do you eat the coral berries?

do you remember when we hunted that
mammoth in full cryogene, in full rhapsody?

i held you at the sun's eclipse as time slid by like timid snakes.
Tyler Jericho  Jan 2013
Tyler Jericho Jan 2013
It kills my high
when venom is spit
This enclosure,
unlike mine,
comes with a ****** narration

Mine hears birds and owls
wolves and crickets and bats
and sees quite often starlight
smells burning wood
regrettably the occasional crisp arachnid
Commonly scents of Cannabis Sativa, rarely Indica
Incense, and punks
There are sights of resin tables,
half-inflated air mattresses,
and ***** on the fence
Cling of fence gate
Cry of relief or adventure

— The End —