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Star BG Apr 2017
Grove-in to the tune of heart,
I dance inside my day.
Prancing, jumping, spinning round,
as I do sing and pray.

I pray the world awakes in love,
to celebrate life’s song.
Everyone should live as one,
its where we all belong.  

Sing out loud, or whisper low.
Just carry love inside.
Then the world will shift in peace.
and all will move with pride.

StarBG © 2017
My favorite # 1 Life experiences enhancer stress and pain reliever the magical psychotropic attributes it has makes me go loco. Cannabis Sativa/Indica or Hybrid I love it all...the only bud I won't smoke is "Reggies" that seedy nasty ****. It gives me a headache. All other qualities strains and methods of ingesting or using marijuana welcome. The *** oil is so strong yet so dreamy and good. All around is excellent medicine and I will always remain to use it even after I quit my other habits. Makes people rejoice and come together happily with each other and commune and be kind to each other respectful to each other. That is what u love about cannabis.
PotHead4 Life 4/20Friendly
©Franko the Christian Poet
I use marijuana for spiritual communion too. I use it to ponder in the presence of God and ask questions seek answers and form methods of spiritual recovery and healing. Cannabis is a Gift from God.
being proud to be black is more important than
caution tape around a social construction zone
that is also an advertisement
also is a warning
in another language
pay attention to this
if you do not then this will happen
whiteness or else!
whiteness or else!
screaming it
acting like its this pretty evolved thing to be
technologically advanced
to the ultimate in dissociative technology
Organic Intelligence knows within power struggle of language
advertisements and warnings are the same
Kody dibble Mar 2015
We who have lived solemn lives,
Live again as to die,
Without a heartache or a pleasent stream,
To slowly guide a sullen dream,

Wish for me as days go by,
To live a life without the lies,
Of societal youth,
Democratic fields of,
Constant burning fires,

Reckless cares,
Desires and fears,
That destroy the animal paws,

The guilded nighttime,
Barren and cold doth he tell,
Will vile and such the skinless will

— The End —