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Enotions Jun 2019
What do you when you feel Broken and Beat up?

When everything and everyone you trusted suddenly become your worst nightmares.

You feel hopeless and don't even know if there's anything or anyone to hang on to anymore.
Enotions Mar 2019
Meet me at midnight, I'll give you a gift.
I have a treat for you. Remember the last time you tasted it?
The satisfaction in your eyes was soothing.

At midnight, I'll unwrap the gift.
It's your favorite treat. The last time you tasted it, The look of ecstasy on your face filled my heart with joy.

After midnight, I'll promise you another gift;
Your favorite treat. The one that fills you with satisfaction and joy.

See you at midnight; I'll give you another gift.
  Mar 2019 Enotions
galaxy of myths
My fingers crawl to
the loneliest place when I
want and miss you most.

Enotions Mar 2019
Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up! Thoughts of you make me numb, I can’t feel my legs.

Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up! Your touch makes me weak, but all I want to do is stay in your arms forever.

Help, I’ve fallen and I refuse to get up.
Enotions Mar 2019
String me along, take full control of my mind
Tell me everything I want to hear

String me along, fill me with desire
Take full control of my body and maneuver your way into my heart.

String me along, let me find solace in you
Tune into my station; use me for your entertainment

Tie me down; pull me close to you.
Don't leave me hanging; String me along.
Enotions Mar 2019
Altered Mind, body lifted up
Slow paced thoughts in the couch.

Foggy Feelings, feet in the air
Smoke filled eyes in the bed.

Racing Emotions, heart on my sleeve
Induced paranoia in the room.

Crushing down with hunger And fatigue. '
Thanks, Indica. I've had a great night with you
You made me feel special; like an angel.
Enotions Mar 2019
I’m running low on supply. My system is weakening, I can no longer be of service.

It’s an emergency!! I need to treat myself and return equipped for a better appointment.
I’m shutting down. I’m running out of time and will power.

It’s an emergency! Is there anyone who can help me regain strength? For this appointment is exhausting.
I’m looking for a durable support system that would never run dry. This one is squeezing the life out of me. This one is rendering me “dripless”

It’s an e-m-e-r-g...

— The End —