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Have you ever met a shadow,
one that was not your own?
Such complicated creatures,
such dark and twisted souls.

No eyes, no mouth to speak
they stalk in silent haunting.
Shadows know no bounds,
they walk beside in taunting.

Have you ever ask a shadow,
who or what they are?
Have they ever answered
or left you with a scar?

We like our shadows,
know no bounds
We haunt and stalk in silence
shading these hollow grounds.
Lyn-Purcell Sep 2018

Always haunts the edge of my mind
Crossing the edges of my limited time
Run for light's sliver, run to be free
For I will find peace in escaping your

that his world is so dark that
he sometimes thinks
that if he ran faster
he  would outlive the monsters
that live inside him
he wonders at the moment
that precious moment when
he will be free from all
that  has plagued him so

*that he could be free...
Do not distribute or use my work with out my explicit permission.

— The End —