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Braulio Romero Dec 2014
She laughed with disapproval
Glittered motion sickness I grabbed a her head
tossed her hard enough so I can be dead
The **** came on-a charging angry I took his limbs
he discarded all my paperwork tons of scribbling
years of failing

Weakened from dreaming
Wandering in the dark while the mice weren’t making any peeping
He said I can’t breathe but my lungs were blacker than his death
I’ll let them shoot me in the back and maybe I wouldn’t mind it
I figured it would be allright  I don’t have tryophobia

****** so many ***** but I didn’t get the job
The moon is bright in the sky yet you’re not smart
I keep writing on trees but please believe me I already have arthritis before thirty
Standing and eviscerating
I keep writing on everything they try to stop me but I hold back

They were chilling and waiting
on his death bed
Said the last rites but he already knew they loved him
I don’t know my write from the wrong doing
He’s finally accepted how life jerks you off the wrong way
I think I got graphomania
Braulio Romero Nov 2014
And the cold just lingers through my spine paralyzing me within the air escaping my mouth
I stare out to the dark where smoke from under my feet billows and curls like a snake
There is no silence but sirens and discontent
Why do I have to try harder?
I don’t care if I’m included just to be known

Clenching my teeth to a crater maybe I have just grown bitter
why do my eyes glow red whenever I inhale you?
Mangiato come una balena
ate so much like a whale
my belly swelled before my nose sneezed and it all out

las calles me conocen
a las almas que mi cortan
no se donde estar y a tus ojos no siga a matar
but what do I do when I see your favorite star?

He’ll never forgive me for cutting him off his favorite t-shirt
How many hours can I get the shreds together
Spinning webs and worn out weaves
And lost words in thesaurus or printed on a magazine
but I should decide the fabric of the world rests on all of us and we still can’t sleep from the senses you’ve created
Braulio Romero Nov 2014
Some idiot coined that for those of us that weren’t born yet
What happened?
To the baby boomers
Groovy hippies

Manson getting married, what about me?
Generation X
Generation Hipster
**** yourself
Nobody said that I was a millennial until I read it from the internet
Something that should be shot dead like those on TV
“Everything was better when we were young”
No it wasn’t
It wasn’t me it wasn’t me I didn’t mean to die because you hated me for what I was
Are you still racist? Prejudiced
in America?

who are you calling self-obsessed when you were always dangerous
we didn’t want to live from the womb which was like our tomb
( I spat out some computer wires today and I’m not going to apologize for it as I’m a millennial, we got to call Frank Black tonight)

I’m in over my head
We speak in acronyms and random slang
She had a baby and the baby’s going to be apart of the next and final generation
We’ll be dead we’ll be dead we’ll be dead

the stupid term Millennial
Braulio Romero Sep 2014
There must be a problem with the sound of your voice
It twinkles with the stars and laughs at the scars where you held the roses’ thorns
I heard you call my name but was it white noise?
Last time I saw you, you grew so heavy and you told me to act my age
but at this pace the hours never stay in place
I hurt myself for betraying you over your destruction
Everything caused me to creep within my soul to burn
And my eyes lost the vision of ourselves in these isolated dreams
There’s no one out there to see
I am a creature chewing on all the sutures
Eating all the crickets that hide in the house and drinking the blood of the innocent
Feeding on the young to celebrate the years gone
Because once the night comes there’s always tragedy to wake from
Braulio Romero Sep 2014
Faster than a cloud
The hiccup was loud as any sound
I wish it never came out
Hoping it would go as far as the sky

Just this morning as I arrived home
There were many stars and the moon was eager to show me how
It formed in the sky in the middle like a target
Posing for the world waiting to be rediscovered

The bats and crickets were safe asleep
I keep humming to the birds that haven’t chirped around
Didn’t know it was easier than in dreams she had
Braulio Romero Sep 2014
Being in light
Teasing my eyes blurry blind
Can’t see anything at all
I fall awake to the sounds of the neighbors dogs and the sky falling on my head
Check around, is that a gun blast or mountain
Going by
Shadow of my own moving fast on the wall
Goofing off behind me shadow of the sun
Burn a hole down enough to scare me on my own
Braulio Romero Aug 2014
I was a star in the sky
I became a gleam in my father’s eye
I was born out from my mother’s womb
And came into a world filled with doom
Maybe I won’t see my name in a VHS soon
I won’t ever meet Terence Malick
But I know I’ll die like Jack Kerouac
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