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Raghu Menon Nov 14
If I were a child again
I would have played more
Made friends lot more
Read and drew more

If I were a child again
I would have got wet in the rain
I would have played in the muddy puddles
Without the fear of getting my dress *****

If I were a child again
I would have played with my siblings more
Would have loved my elders and parents more
Would have cherished every second I spend with them.

If I were a child again
I would love to climb up the trees
Jumped into the ponds and stayed there
Till I got bored with playing in the water.

If I were a child again,
I would have loved to learn music
Learned all the beautiful languages
Paint all the beautiful times of my childhood.

If I were a child again
I would have roamed free
Hiking the mountains
Walking the forest trails

If I were a child again
I will never want to grow up
And away from the childhood memories
Thanks to my parents, brothers, sister, and relatives
Who made it so beautiful
I would love to relive it again and again.
Inspired by Dr.Kiran Bedi IPS
Mark Wanless Jan 2018
"The Empty Universe"

The empty universe gapes
We tremble and rush
To fill the egoless void
Art the glorious wonderful incredible
Creator of mind
Chloe Dec 2014
I hope you know what love really is

and if you don't, I hope you learn one day
That love isn't a possessive way
and if you let your ego lead
You are sure to feel jealousy, pain, and greed

Love takes maturity

because it doesn't always work out they way you'd like
You need to be able to understand so you won't have spite
Love goes deeper than skin
and it touches within

You want them to be happy and even if that means letting go*

A smile on your face will still exist
You are genuinely happy for them and love has taught you to subsist
They are still around breathing the air you breathe
and that alone will always keep you relieved

Love teaches lessons that stick with you till the end
How I have felt once in my life and am blessed to say I have experienced such. I still love him to this day and always will.

— The End —