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Knit Personality Oct 2015
Beneath the tepid vessel a small flame
Licks, with a taste for arson, at a twig
Adjacent to its own, and spreads its fame
Around the touching wood, and then grows big.
The silent water begins to heat, though slightly;
But warming steadily soon becomes unstill;
And after pregnant minutes begins lightly
To hiss, threatening to bubble and overspill.
Then upward start the bubbles, like fresh champagne’s,
But faster, and more marvelously fun.
And faster still they come. They make long chains,
And gather, rise, and burst, the many as one.
Praised be The Muse! Her glory here behold
Who turns to steam what otherwise would mold!

I have a dehydration.
I cannot make an analysis.
Give me a water please to realize my Hydrolysis.
Pyrrha Sep 2018
The human body is typically somewhere around 60% water
So when I spot you in a room filled to the brim with an ocean of people
You have to understand you are like a tidal wave crashing against my hearts shore,
Something I can neither deny nor ignore
Knit Personality Jul 2018
Root of all thirsting,
    My greatest desire,
A single drop bursting
    Can put out a fire.
A single drop wholly
    Divorced from the brine,
A single drop holy,
    The liquid divine.

        Find what you love,
            And let it **** you.
        Water, I love you.
            **** me, will you?

Raindrop or dewdrop
    I want on my tongue.
For the old drop and new drop
    These verses are sung.
The new drop and old drop
    Of water I crave,
The hot drop and cold drop,
    From cradle to grave.

        Find what you love,
            And let it **** you.
        Water, I love you.
            **** me, will you?

Drown me in oceans,
    In crystalline seas,
In H2O potions
    Of perfect degrees.
Drown me in teardrops
    Divorced from the brine,
In flawlessly clear drops
    Of the liquid divine.

        Find what you love,
            And let it **** you.
        Water, I love you.
            **** me, will you?

Mark Parker Nov 2017
Sulfuric acid burned my paper towel,
and I threw pure potassium into H2O. BOOM!
There goes another beaker...
BladeRunner Aug 2017
On a good day
I could say I'm swimming
under the water

Compared to my usual
days spent in the bottom
of a pit
drown as a stone

<I wish to breathe
and one day maybe

Lift the pressure.
E Oct 2016
Feelings are like waves,
hesitant, frequent and they travel long distances.

Past loves are like droplets,
petty and insignificant yet they disturb all skins and surfaces.

Low self-esteem is like a flood,
it damages and submerges everything that is alive.

Hearts are like the rain,
heavy or light, they still hold the ocean's drive.

Minds are like the seas,
only they can quiet themselves.
Aren't we 100% water?
Catrina Sparrow Dec 2014
if looks could ****
     i'd be slaughtering the masses
and if these walls could talk
     they'd probably never stop laughing
but if that ***** of a mattress should crack
and leak the secrets of mine that she keeps in her chest-
like tightly bound metallic coils-
     so help me lillith

i'll burn this house to the ground

     i'd rather see all that i've built turn into ashes
than to hear her voice rehasing all the whispers i'm slinging whilst fast asleep
     or how i cry in bed for weeks
     or the way i flinch when the sun crosses my face
like a shadow i can't name

     i'm a mess
a natural disaster with whirlwind hair and a lightning strike pulse
     in a second-hand dress that doesn't fit right
          i'm fine
     i'll survive

but should you be the boy i find
     and i bring you home tonight
just know that i'm better than alright
          know how very much i feel alive
regardless of the subconscious soliloquies you unleash in your half-silence
     divulging secrets whilst you slumber

          i wake like the waves lapping at a fallen empire's shoreline
     and quest to test your lyrical limitations and the possible personification of your breath
     and your chest
          heaving like the sea himself
Erik Ortega Oct 2014
Water is a must
without it life is a bust
It's the element we support and trust
But not all have that tool in there hand
To a normal person they waste it and take it for granted cuz it tastes bland
People who have to go looking for this prized possession end up dying of dehydration
Don't you you see?
My demise is so low it wines up in the  deep blue sea
Nowadays people in cali end up in drought
We might have to cut down on water but i think thats a doubt
As for you
Why don't do a good deed
And give water to someone in desperate need
xoK Mar 2014
Inside my brain
There is a tornado
Spinning to infinity and beyond.
God only knows how fast.
My shoulders ache and my feet cramp.
My wrists click
And my eyes go damp.
Inside my brain instead is a monsoon:
A tumultuous storm that rages on.
Waves froth and smash,
Beating against the backs of my eyeballs.
Sometimes they find their way
Down my soft spotted cheeks.
My lashes float to the earth
One by one by one by one.
Would you collect them for me
Like discarded flower petals
Down the aisle of my soul's chapel
And press them into a scrapbook
Full of twisted memories?
Inside my brain is an H2O tornado
Like reckless rainstorm pirouettes.
My swirling view is blurred,
But every so often
I catch a clear picture
Of the glowing whites of your eyes
And I remember to fill my lungs,
Head above the water,
And breathe.
Twirl, twist.
Wind, mist.
But don't panic,
Because every so often
I catch a clear picture
Of you.
LDR life.

— The End —