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Jules Oct 2019
I gave so much of myself up
But was it ever enough?
I don't wanna grow up
Upside down
Can't turn around
Another day
And I'm a goner
Mama I don't wanna feel no longer
whoever Nov 2018
“what are we?” she asked

with despair, he replied, ”we’re nothing”
Nothing Jun 2018
Self harm is a way of knowing you're alive

Its like breathing, you need it to live, but without it you will die.
I'm a goner.
CautiousRain Jul 2017
Levitated silhouettes
suspended by the throats
you’re surely a goner
when your own shadow croaks.
When you look back at your shadow and it just seems to fade away
Britney Lyn Jul 2017
She was just a girl whose eyes were constantly filled with the darkness that ate holes in her soul.
the lost girl Dec 2016
I know you're not here
to grab the blade
Hug me, telling me
You will stay
Today and tomorrow
When ever I just say...

Promise you won't cry
If I die
Just like u didn't
When u left me
Cause I lied
You asked if it mattered
If you left
And I said
That's okay
Nothing's gonna change
But I lied
Everything has changed
Lakin Oct 2015
What a piece
of mental sanctuary
your name held
before you thought
of traveling to
the door.
Lakin Oct 2015
I never wanted to be writer,
but you no longer craved
my deepest affections,
so I melted them down
into black ink and pressed
them against an inviting
skin of paper.
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