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I have heard it said that women glow
But I never knew it to be so
Until I met you
Then I knew it was true
With your belly round
The glow profound
And with a kick or two
Our little flower grew
These months I'm counting down
Your glow bright as a Queen's crown
And it humbles me
This beauty I see
Let joy and love abound
I could rhyme about ******* and hoes
******, money and clothes
But it's not the message I chose
Not worth the paper or prose
There's another way I suppose
To get your message to those
Who will choose to be foes
These are the questions I pose...

Haven't we all paid our bills late?
Never been at our lowest state?
Wondering what's going to be our fate?
Crying tears that devastate
Governments try to regulate
Congress try to legislate
Need satellites to triangulate
All the world's fear and hate
So everyone can finally relate
And can no longer calculate
The difference in color template
No it's never too late
To change your mind about hate
Why not just conversate
Through heart felt debate
Crying tears that elevate
No difference in color template
Remember when we rode the London Eye and I was in a pensive mood; too often to brood... You asked what was wrong but I didn't want to tell a bitter song, so nothing's wrong. Truth be told I thought of a future I could not see, a family that might never be... those thoughts yet with family all around.

And now with family on the horizon, a future which I can almost see, adding to the family tree, wonder who this little one will be? Like me?

And I remember I had a favorite Grandmum,
so maybe my child will too
No doubt it will be you.
I have straddled the fence all my life
That I might be so fortunate
As to slip off the right side
I would be contented
To be homeless in Heaven
For I have no need
Of mansions or gold
No need of riches untold
I shall sleep in fields
And count the endless stars
I shall quench my thirst by a stream
I shall walk the countryside
And wonder at its beauty
And though I shall only
See Jesus at a distance
My heart shall find warmth still
To be homeless in Heaven
And want for nothing forever more
This humble page use
To write such free prose
Delight in my muse
Sweet scent of the rose

Behold thy true form
This world does deem pure
Such beauty reborn
In soul evermore

Thy likeness unique
The angels now sing
How humble and meek
The light it does bring

To look on thy face
Brings tears to mine eye
Must dwell in thy grace
Did walk, now do fly

I breathe thine own breath
My lungs overflow
Even unto death
My heart shall not slow

Its strength shall increase
For my muse yet lives!
This quill shall not cease
As thy grace so gives
Politics is a shame
Two Donalds to blame
So if the name is black listed
Please don't get it twisted
I'm not one of em
Named after Donovan
Let me clarify
Spell my name with a Y
Let me testify
So you can't deny
I'm not one of em
Named after Donovan
Just read about Donald Jr's emails.... never use to care when people thought I was a Donald, no disrespect to any other Donalds or Donnies out there.
I wander lonely in the dark
Arms held out to feel through maze
This rocky road has left its mark
Much safer crawl through murky haze

How long have I been plodding on
With no sanctuary close in sight
All my humanity now gone
My heart much blacker than the night

All senses gone all reason lost
This hostile path at set of sun
Continue on no thought of cost
Must march for nothing can be won

At breaking point I cry aloud;
“Just to behold His saving light”
And wings surround me as a crowd
Fly free of gloom to glory bright!
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