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Carlo C Gomez Oct 2019
Dream of liberated fields,
Producing penicillin
And choking life out of
The cholera of gunfire.
Don't fear words summoned
At the grave,
They describe places we only
Wish there'd been time to
Know more intimately.
This hour of reflection is then
Half the battle
--the battle no one wins.
"Soldier on, ossuary!
Soldier on!"
Perhaps, we've reached
The nadir of the Hopewell.

How could we not?
Emily Dec 2019
Death isn't sad, not scary.
God blessed people who die.
Earth is cruel and getting worse.
Dying isn't bad, not terrible.
If life is beautiful, why not death?
Giving life also gives death. So why is it so bad?
Being dead is peaceful from what I've heard.
But it's also lonely.
Death is beautiful, happy,
A time for celebration.
yes, they may be gone, but celebrate their life.
Don't mourn their death.
When I die, I wonder,
What will be the cause?
Disease, age, suicide?
I am not worried when I pass,
I don't fear the end.
The unknown will be discovered.
When I die, no one should mourn.
Have a party, not a funeral.
Have a celebration.
Wear white, and colors, not black.
I want my death to be beautiful.
When I say farewell,
I want to be remembered
With smiled on their faces
Not tears.

Death will always come.
It's always coming.
It just matters what you make of it.
Afrah Nov 2019
You mean so much
to me,
to the world,
to my heart,
to everyone around us

so everytime we part…

I’m at a loss,
without you,
without the one I want to protect the most,
the one I feel with, not for,
because I feel it with my all,
like its my own,
with you,

like you are home.

I worry about us
I really do
because I put my all inside of you.

I do this a lot, I find-
with the women that get me in a bind.

but this is different,
because you are you,
you are male,
you are a best friend,

one with whom I just never want to see the end…

usually, I know it’s not far
I know I will last
reunited by the New Year’s star.

but this time is different,
because of you,
because I know you are hurting,
I know you are far,
I want to protect you,
and give you my all.

I’m scared of the time
the time to think on my own
to worry
and wonder

and miss my “You” home.

for now,
I will wait
I will see you again
but I can’t stop the hurting

I can’t not miss my friend.
I love you so much, with my entire heart. May our life of support, love and friendship continue on, in your words.
Gray Dawson Nov 2019
My father's stony face
Gripped with expressionless, death
He just stares at me
And I tear back

The dirt feels too hard
The world, too cold
I'm saying sorry
But everything just feels wrong

I'm grieving for him
But it's not him who's dead
It's me
PS Nov 2019
The day that must carry mourn
Wouldn't surprise me if it stood gay

The day where most would expect to hear cries
Wouldn't surprise me if it stayed guffawed

The day where my soul would deserve silence
Wouldn't surprise me if it gets filled with jabber

The day I shall be dressed in my wedding dress --- a stripped hood
Wouldn't surprise me if it didn't shine any light

I'd be disappointed not if the grave that would be expected to hold me as my bed
Decides to throw me out instead

For I, a guilt filled being, doesn't deserve a polite farewell
Consequences of my crime-filled mind that religiously only deserves hell

So carve on my stone when the time comes
“In the memory of … a prostituted ****

Who only wished to provide for herself in a land unknown.”
Oh! Who am I kidding, I will not even be privileged to become a memory unless I atoned.
~ AllTheLovePS
Proctor Ehrling Oct 2019
Atop a catafalque, the morbid pedestal lies placed up ahead
Beautiful casket of pale birch laced with marbled ornament
With a flower orangerie settled upon final resting bed
Grand expensive suit fitted perfectly the dead man, toes to head
Funeral home better than his living home; lived cheap, died rich instead
All costs money he never had
Oh the luxury of being dead
Freestyle written in 9 minutes. Inspired by the line "The luxury of being dead" professor Timothy Corrigan used to describe a moment in the film Vertigo on a lecture yesterday.
Gray Dawson Oct 2019
My father’s stony face
Gripped with expressionless, death
He just stares at me
And I tear back

The dirt feels too hard
The world, too cold
I’m saying sorry
But everything just feels wrong

I’m grieving for him
But it’s not him who’s dead
It’s me
Eileen H Oct 2019
after all,
we are only burying her
in thought.

like an absent mind,
she isn't gone,
but elsewhere,

drinking spiced tea,
curled up in an armchair
in a library—

nothing could ever draw her
from a good book,

there are so many libraries
out there
and so many books;

it will take her a long time
to get to this one
and come home.
Noah Oct 2019
I’m tired of people dying
Of all the loss in this world

She was lost years ago
To the cancer in her body
Her ashes spread in the sea
Resting where she loved

I’m tired of people dying
Of all the loss in this world

She was lost way too young
The water too deep for her
Stuffed animals on the alter
Two years wasn’t enough

I’m tired of people dying
Of all the loss in this world

He was lost last week
When he fell too far
Only eighteen years
Sister said “see you soon”

I’m tired of people dying
Of all the loss in this world

She was lost long ago
Her heart beat blocked
A daughter, a sister, a niece
Just SMiLe, you’ll be okay

I’m tired of people dying
On October 11th, 2019 a boy I graduated with passed away. At his funeral his twin sister said “This isn’t goodbye. This is see you soon. I love you. I’ll see you soon.”
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