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Meera Apr 2018
In your eyes
I can see both courage and frailty
And I just wonder what'd you show when I'd expect you to fight for our love
Will you be my knight in shining armour
Or will you let me down like you always have
Poetic T Dec 2017
as flowers blossom
humanities frailty cleansed

peace in our lifetime
C F Tinney Feb 2017
What do you want from me?
I’ve given all my flesh.
What more can you desire?
I’ve nothing left…

I quit.
Surrender to your power.
Celebrate upon my broken sole,
for I’ve nothing left this hour.

I can’t bear the indecency,
to look upon your face.
You thieving ******* who,
takes life and leaves no trace.

at my complete defeat.
as I as I repeat.

My failures,
you’ve taught me so well,
and completely surrender,
to forever fail.
At being real.
The man gets old,
as he has been told.
The woman is older still, and though looking so young,
She is in pain a lot and knows that.

The man is just an old, silly linguist, not even real
Just a computational linguist.
The woman is a sexto-grammarian and an expert and teacher,
She loves it, and still teaches people everything.

And although their love is unquestionably strong and true,
Their time together is all too short,
Their all too short "conjugal visits" are
More about "conjugation" than anything else.
From a distance he was just another guy
As he approached, his face familiar.
He treaded through the grass unashamedly.
I looked at him
He at me.
We knew.
No longer part of the fun we once had
A two second glance
Not even awkward. We knew.
He looked ahead and forgot about me
like those many moons ago
We have departed one and others lives
Thought the memories crisp like
an old photograph
There are many. They still exist
in my head
Though I barely look because it hurts.
It hurts that humans are temporary
In every sense of the word
We hate each other now, like bitter old lovers
We weren't. It wasn't love.
We were friends
We partied. We danced. We sang.
All of this enveloped by naivety
Youth brought us together
And it also tore us apart
I hold no regrets
For a learned a lot.
About myself, but also others
Most importantly,
the frailty of friendship
The passing of time
The innocence of youth
I learnt in that moment,
People come and go
And often they chose when to enter
Whether it be bad or good
It is a lesson to us all, to just live a little
Care less
Love more
Never forget
the past
for it made us.
Sitting in Kelvingrove Park when I noticed someone I once knew and partied with.  It brought up a whole load of memories which made me reflect about life and the frailty of friendship.
Dawn of Lighten Nov 2015
I rang the door bell as I step in the front of the door,
And gaze upon my work iPad to check for work order notations.

As I scroll upon the repair ticket,
there was bold letters,
And it read "ATTENTION Technician,
be patient with the customer,
She went through medical procedure!"

I hear a faint female voice from afar end of her house,
stating she was coming!

Inhaled dawning air with chill in my lung
While exhaled steam and vapor from my lips!

Never knew waiting per minute can feel like eternality,
And my surrounding became more intensified with movement of breeze!  

After waiting for 5 minutes,
finally the door opened,
And the lady was in her robes,
But had her hair done and make up on.
Customer then asked me where was the original installer,
And she specifically asked for his return.
She spoke with few pauses,
And slight fragmented sentences,
Then proceed to tells me she had a stroke,
And plead that I would be patient with her!

Already I wasn't her expected technician,
And I knew I had a large shoe to fill with her disdain,
While dealing with her medical situation!  

As I started my trouble shooting processes,
I asked for more information,
And explore the cause of system failure!

Knowing I needed to give her comfort during her dialogue,
I gave her my nods,
and listen to her intently.
While trying to get to the point,
But spoke less to avoid confusing her.
Until I can drop her guards,
And have a normal conversation during repair process,
So there wouldn't be awkward pauses!

Slowly but surely she began to tell me little bit about herself,
How she met husband from her friends,
And she was originally from Sri Lanka.
How lonely she gets in Kentucky not having real friends,
And in my mind I could only related to her circumstance,
But I over came it by finding my inner peace,
Which is finding a home in the present moments.

Knowing the struggle to understand what it meant to be a nationalist,
Or assimilating into American culture,
I began by asking her where is her comfort zone,
Or who makes her comfortable?

She tells me her husband,
and how much she loved him.

So then your husband is your home I told her,
And I let her know home isn't a four wall with a roof,
But it is a moment in present giving her comfort of a home.

at this moment,
my thought process became like a cat,
And like a cat my curiosity needed to be quenched.
I asked how she got the stroke.

There was a holding breathe from her,
And then her emotions erupted.
"I have a brain tumor" she tells me,
Accelerated by her cancer.
I don't know how long of a time I have left,
And her uncertainty of her life made her more afraid.
There was a desperateness in her tears.
I wanted to give her a hug,
And give some relief from her anguish.

In that moment of her desperation,
My training from senior housing kicked in.
Changed my subject back to her comfort zone!
"Please, tell me more about your husband I asked,
How did you two meet?"

She starts to get her composure back,
And wipes her tears.
As she spoke I see glistening of her eyes,
And she spoke with love.

After I finished with my repair
and heading out of the customer's house!
The lady thanked me
and then told me she wanted to tell her husband about home!

I gave her my smile,
Then lightly tapped on my chest with my palm,
then moved my hand onto my head.
Reminder to her,
home is in your heart and mind!
Just reflecting upon one of the repair I did couple month ago, and I hope  that customer is still doing well!
David W Oct 2015
I am like
grass; Though my
hair may fade
and pass away,
Still my
roots run deep.
My skin may
turn to brown
and grey,
But I never
die; I do
but sleep.
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