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Rajan Feb 2021
C'était le jour de l'amour,
Mais c'est le jour de la guerre,
Il faut qu’on transforme,
Nos larmes en l'armes.
helenbreeden Feb 2020
Distance is the key.
The key to happiness.
Distancing yourself from those around you protects you.
Distance allows the mind to rebuild
To replenish,
And gives the soul hope.

Without distance
We allow the brokenness,
the creativity,
The memories,
And major feelings,
To fade away never to be seen again.

Distance opens a broken mind,
a broken heart.
It prepares time for the soul to break down and heal.
Time with distance creates a new soul,
and even friendships.
kristine w Dec 2019
Allured by her presence,
you rise

Sheer power,
She yields,
And you submit
To its potency

Of imminence she reeks,
you know,
And fall into a slumber,
Of repudiation,
you reek

Before your very eyes,
She breathes life into death
And you reform
your ways

You watch her transform
A pair of wings,
She sets off with,
Shrugging off the feeble protective shell of past

For too long you try
To reach out,
Only to realise,
Your wings
Are clipped
this draft was from a year ago i just found it hello welcome to nonsensical poetry with kristine!
Espresso manic Jun 2017
Two birds took flight from the same tree,
one flew east to Eurus’ realm.
Seeking warm lands and sunrise's embrace.
The other flew west to Zephyrus' palace,
In search of the gentle winds
and harsh conditions.

Intending to get as far as possible from one another
and yet, life had other plans for them.
Escaping the past does not get you far
and what goes around comes around.

Years later, the two birds
discovered the world was round.
Connor Eastwood Sep 2018
At a war with myself.
The trenches are dug deep, like scars on flesh
they distinguish me.
Bullets tear through me moment by moment trying to pierce the thick walls of fantasy.

Onlookers oblivious of the treachery and treason so skillfully hid within the casket.

Death fills until it bursts.

Fills until the war is won.
Eunice Jun 2018
I am strong...
When I look in the mirror
I see the prettiest girl
She stays true to her values
Never afraid to speak out
Through faith and care
She fights for those she loves
She walks the streets
With pride and confidence
She takes on the world
As if she owns it
But this is not me
Always sticking to her values
She takes the easy way out
Cause of fear of being hurt
She switches in and out of personalities
In the name of finding herself
Afraid of not being good enough
She repels those that care
Filled with insecurities
I see a cute girl
When I look in the mirror
I am weak...
Read from top to bottom and vice versa
Honyjoy Apr 2018
Even seen i really knew it sinabi ko na to sa mga salita ko at itoy totoo
Totoong kaya **** magsinungaling at d sabihin ang totoo ngunit ayus lang oo ayus lang na dna marahil wala ng tau na akala ko ay totoo ngunit isa palang guhit, iginuhit sa hangin at unti unting nag laho hindi na kita masisisi mag ka iba ang mundo na ginagalawan!! Mundo?? Oh pag iisip ayus lang ayus lang talaga salamat sa saglit sa kunting pag paramdam na kahit ako lang ang nag gagawa ng paraan ngunit kailangan na ata kitang kalimutan at tapusin ang tadhana na matagal kunang d pinapakawalan upang ma isip at makausap kapa siguro nga d tayu ang totoo siguro kailangan ko ng bitiwan ang lahat upang makalaya na ako sa pag iisip sa mga bagay na walang humpay na sumusulyap salamat sa saglit na taon sa buhay nating dalawa salamatSa mga nakasanayan dapat ko na atang kalimutan upang d tayo mag kasakitan dahil humihirap lang ang pusong nasasaktan siguro nga hanggang d2 nlangAkala ko habangbuhay ang awit sa ating dalawa ngunit biglang lumihis ang nota na dapat ay nasa tuno pa wala ng kasguraduhan na maibabalik pa ang nakaraan kaya sigurong tapusin na dahil na hihirapan lang salamat sa saglit na pag paparamdam na akoy mahalaga kahit itoy hindi na totoo pa salamat sa mga salita na ngaun ay nag lalayag na sakabilang dako ng mundo na dooy mag papahinga siguro ngay hanggang d2 nlang ang ating storya hanggang d2 nalng at itoy mag tatapos na salamat sa mga sandaling kaligayan salamat sa saglit ng pag paparamdam salamat sa taong nag paramdam ng katotohanan ang masasabi ko lang salamat sa sandaling naging akin ka
My first try...
Doruk Jan 2018
It's raining outside.
I'm fading away,
With nihilistic thoughts,
Empty emotions,
Into the darkness I go.

Maybe it's time to quit.
As long as I live,
I will have some hardship.
But why should I worry,
About the thoughts I keep.

"There is always a light"
In this dark abyss there is light,
But only for others to acquire.
So I can't really fight the dark,
It holds me really tight.

All these thoughts,
Drove me to something bigger.
Just sadness I feel,
Nothing else better.
I wanna shout 'help me', but...

It's raining outside.
I wrote this a while ago, when I felt really down. I was in a bus and it was raining outside. A very close friend of mine got on the bus. I decided to tell him about how bad I felt for the last week or so but he approached me first and he said: "Hey, it's raining outside.". That mixed with my feelings that day created this poem.
It's my first.
Originally mine. Translated from Turkish with a little touch to give it a slight rhyme.
Deaneira Sep 2016
we often met twice a day
though we never had the chance
to say ’hi‘
but you keep on coming back
as if we had made a contract

i'm sorry i wish on too many wishes
and that i rely so much on you
oh but i often feel so blue
and i just want to wish on something new

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