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Jan 2018
It's raining outside.
I'm fading away,
With nihilistic thoughts,
Empty emotions,
Into the darkness I go.

Maybe it's time to quit.
As long as I live,
I will have some hardship.
But why should I worry,
About the thoughts I keep.

"There is always a light"
In this dark abyss there is light,
But only for others to acquire.
So I can't really fight the dark,
It holds me really tight.

All these thoughts,
Drove me to something bigger.
Just sadness I feel,
Nothing else better.
I wanna shout 'help me', but...

It's raining outside.
I wrote this a while ago, when I felt really down. I was in a bus and it was raining outside. A very close friend of mine got on the bus. I decided to tell him about how bad I felt for the last week or so but he approached me first and he said: "Hey, it's raining outside.". That mixed with my feelings that day created this poem.
It's my first.
Originally mine. Translated from Turkish with a little touch to give it a slight rhyme.
Written by
Doruk  20/M/Turkey
   Lior Gavra
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