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Cheyenne Apr 2016
I hear them whisper, "it won't last long.”  
Won't you help me prove them wrong?
Cheyenne Apr 2016
Sometimes when there's nothing
It's better than when there's not.
Cheyenne Apr 2016
Her eyes were wet.
Her soul: a wreck.
There was no fixing her heart.
She fell to her knees,
Unable to breath,
And finally fell apart.
She wanted his arms
His breath in her ear
She wanted his heartbeat
To disappear
She longed for twilight
Hated the dawn
Missed him in moments
Far away for too long
Her heart ached
She reached out
But nothing to say
She faded still hoping
He'd light up her day
But walls kept him guarded
To proud to say hey
I miss you too
But likes are ok
Silent words...

Atiya Ebony Jan 2015
He said he like my profile pic
Asked could we talk for a bit
But I know
That convo
will only be short lived
Flood of compliments leading to
"C'mon girl. Just the tip"
Passport stamps show I been on this trip
A reg in Deja Vu
The trouble the dance
of my hips & lips gets me into
My smart wits. I know I get it
Immature *******, they dig it.
But that noise
My conscious telling me to **** it
Sorry brutha but
you ain't sayin much that I like
I am flattered. Peace to you
I do appreciate it
PrttyBrd Jan 2015
Time stamped messages
Instant gratification
Checked in
Logged on

Time stamps
Instant disappointment
Overlooked, ignored

Time stamps
Phone updates
Instant insanity

Time stamps
Back check lies
Checked in elsewhere
When, where, why

Time stamps
Where R U
Ah, I C U
Seriously, enough already. Big brother has turned into expectations of the people in this instantaneous world of technology.

— The End —