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BA Khan May 2019
A Poet

"If I am a poet then my words may be poetry,
But these are not poems nor I a poet to be,
I write what a lover will write,
For his beloved wherever she may be,
And if these are poems,
Come let us talk about this poetry"
Realistic poetry wanted to  share the poets pic and thenI put it there yesterday
BA Khan Apr 2019
"A "Sufi" doesn't question any one..
Otherwise he is not the One..
Let the World run its Run,
It has its own caretaker, from whence we all come,
Who are you and me to decide why all this fun."

This was in reply to @ameerniaznoor on twitter on April 24, 2019
BA Khan Apr 2019
‪"I kiss the dust that wash off your feet,‬
‪Every kiss making me restless, But sweet,‬
‪fragrance  of your being keeping me on my feet,‬
‪And then I hold you in my arms, the feeling so sweet."‬

‪(BA Khan)‬
This was in reply to @Peeraiman on twitter.
There was a  beautiful  mentioned in her tweets.
BA Khan Jan 2019
‪There were different knots that came across my chosen path,‬
And it just made me so distraught
But once I caught hold of each twisted knot
They unfolded to reveal the hidden thought..
That what appears to my vision
Is nothing but the deepest of the illusion
I seek the one hidden inside
And my love is the perfect guide.

in reply to @RealisticPoetry and @jlc_poetry on Twitter
in reply to @RealisticPoetry and @jlc_poetry on Twitter
BA Khan Dec 2018
"Where flows the ..Ganga,
I am from there too,
By its banks I gaze at stars and the moon too
You see I am no different from any of you
If you know what I say, gaze at the stars too
The moon will shine the same on me and you too.'

(BA Khan)
This was for Pradeep Chattopadhay .. who has mentioned that he lives not far from Ganga
BA Khan Dec 2018
Come come who wants to enter
The door is open just surrender,
Take a step into all yonder
And embrace the eternal wonder
The sip you take
Tastes like no other,
But takes you to the land
Where is no morn or eve ever after.

(BA Khan)
BA Khan Dec 2018
A walk in the woods while holding your hand
And me adoring you with your given garland,
And putting those primroses in floating whorls
While watching your beauty with radiant smiles,
And then music from the flowing stream
You playing its harp and me its tune,
All around this beauty that glows from you
And those who travel this far, so very few,
This peacefull calm is A part of the lace,
In and around everywhere is your grace.

(BA Khan)
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