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Khan BA Nov 2020
"I want a brew that is not wine,
I want to sip it in musical rhyme
I want it to take me far away
Where existence has come to stay..."

(From Khan, BA)
It was in reply to some on all who had sent a greeting message..
Khan BA Jul 2020
"My Baby sleeps without food..
O'Allah, give her courage,
To tide over the lies that come in barrage
And let the truth find its way to fulfill her suffrage.."
about my precious one
Khan BA Jul 2020
What is around is not real,
And what is real is in and around,
If you want to see the real
Come let you dwell inside.

(Khan, BA)
Replying to Tetrametracall1 on twitter, July 16,2020
Khan BA May 2020
Everyday the buds fall
In my Garden oh I am mother of them all,
Among the rubble that covers my *****
The spilled blood creating a chasm,
The welling orbs and sealed lips
Telling a tale of alien's whip,
How long I have to bear this gore
O' Lord, be my savior, I can't take it anymore.

on Twitter 20/5/2020 5:20am
The daily killings continue in my Valley...
When will there be peace..?
Khan BA Apr 2020

'”The Words come and I pen them down
Not knowing whether I am sane or being a clown,
But then they are my emotions written in rhyme
And if you call them poems, that will be fine."

(by: Khan,BA)
in reply to @Realistic Poetry on Twitter, on April 6,2020
Khan BA Apr 2020
"Give me the wings,
         to fly over the horizon..
To see beyond,
         to see the unseen."

(by: Khan, BA)
Khan BA Mar 2020
A Picture

‪"I like to paint the picture of you in my heart..‬
‪But try as I might I can't play this part,‬
‪I an't no artist, nor I have this art..‬
‪The brush just trembles to play its part,‬
‪So all I can do is to sing your song..‬
‪That you taught me word by word all along"‬

‪(Khan, BA)‬
Twitter 22-03-20 (11-50pm)
My beloved has no form
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