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Razbliuto Jun 2015
kung bibigyang halaga ang pag-ibig
siguro, pulubi na ako

pagpalagay nating
isang daan na lamang ang pera ko
at bawat pagkilos
ay tatapatan natin ng
sampung piso

sampung piso para huwag mo akong i-seenzone sa fb
sampung piso para huwag mo akong i-unseenzone sa fb
sampung piso para i-chat o text mo naman ako
sampung piso para bawasan 'yang init ng ulo mo
sampung piso para patawarin mo ako
sampung piso para kausapin mo naman ako nang maayos
sampung piso para maintindihan kung ano ba 'yang gusto mo
sampung piso para malaman kung ano ba talaga ang nararamdaman mo
sampung piso para bigyang-oras mo naman ako at magka-ayos tayo

at itong huling sampung piso
iaalay ko na lamang sa donation box ng chapel

baka sakaling dapuan ako ng milagro
at matauhan din ako sa katangahang ito

dahil ubos na ang pera ko
ngunit 'di ko pa rin mabili
ang pag-ibig mo.
randoughs Jan 2015
The era of social media and virtual interaction
Where it is so important to keep your reputation
And yet indeed it'll take you nowhere
Because you're just another particle in their atmosphere

No matter how hard you try to seem kind
They just can't bother to reply, they seem to be blind
No matter how many thousands of follows you've got
Your friends are still the same old scattered lot

Selfies galore, plenty of them
Show yourself to yourself, feel like a gem
You go with your friends riding a bike
Post a picture on FB and it gets many a like
You're all content about it, it feels so nice
After which, conversation turns to ice

At gatherings telephones sound
Ringing all day, a new friend was found
Introduce yourself, one more time again
And fall into oblivion, it's starting to rain
Just how I feel about virtual interaction
MM  Dec 2018
Black Mirror
MM Dec 2018
Tap tap
Scroll scroll
Click click

Hit like
(they'd probably hit like back)

Excuse me how dare you unfollow me
(here, I'm unfollowing you too)

Um, I really do not like your content
(but I don't wanna lose a follower so there you go)

How did this photo get only 40 likes
(deleting it now)

How did she have so many followers
(all of her posts are *******)

Wanna have dinner?
(We can spend 2 hours sitting across each other while our hands are glued to our phones.)

Hey, want to meet up?
(So we can post social media stories to make it look like we're having fun.)

Hi, how was your day?
(Oh wait, I'll just check on your feed.)

Hey, how'd everything go with that job interview you had today?
(Right, I'll just look at your FB status.)

Hi, do you ever wanna talk?
(But you know, on the phone, or like, only online?)

Connect to disconnect