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Raven Feels Apr 6
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, do you know what is more hurtful than missing a human???--missing a character from your dream--you can't even blame him in his face:\

met you last night in the gone

this will take a lot to be claimed to the bone

grinning crowns of versus been worn

to live to keep in those halls up torn

cold I keen shimmering in so dim so tight

a wholesome of neon light

elegant in blacks you trail you knight

a little too high

a little too low

way old for eyes to glow

sometimes loose sometimes harsh and stones

finally to me he saves approach

mesmerize and charm clasp arms and tease clarks

flying with you hell of a need a struck of a stark

know the way never minding no cry no pay

shoulder she presses

kisses she smolders

caressing bits n'pieces

a decay of something older no longer beholder

swoon her in brains

spread her in walls

in yellows and thunders always a smile

jarred well sworn to them all

swept to her feet

heart and soul

to your submit

I hate to admit

but things are lit

taste the rain

drown the pain

can't release your chain

in my sleep

your whispers seep

cut me so deep

from the pinkie touch

to the hold of the much

in the gazes unseen loud

in bet of middle of crowd

bring a right in your ignite of a strict detect

up taken so fished by your unbounding protect

get to you get to me

I struggle of these for you to be safe to see

foul me none not again

I fail dread in your essence

cant scribble cant write

things my heart wont come across a possible define

purple screams and black molds upon my wondrous

soul they dime and sore

not like others

heaven to you heaven to me

treat the lavishes then worship the envies

clot wounds gamble truths

just as nothing else I wont await no more

traced here

known where

forever in my heart

your place bewares

a necklace to the angels

to you took to you sold to you you win

take me forever

in the bordeaux I'm covered

already missing you

got me on clouds loving you

Michael Apr 6
In a faraway land that is full of cruelty,
You’ll find a creature, so badass you’ll see.
A cruel, good-for-nothing man,
A creature that’s hated by everyone.
Who was born to conquer the world and thee,
And was called the Demon King, yes, that’s me.
Feared by everyone, loved by no one,
Everything bad was all I have done.
Got the hands for destruction,
And the words of commotion.
But can I call this power as a gift,
Or a curse given, for me to lift?
And what is the purpose of being a king,
If only sadness is all I can bring?
arCamm Apr 4
& around we went...
circling the reality
that at some point
the wheel would stop turning
& we’d have to return home...

- a.r. Camm
It’s hard to say goodbye, especially with such a view as this.
Svetoslav Apr 4
Here our soldiers stand.
Waiting in a line to hear the battle cry
She is ready to lead her warriors to victory.
Sounds of warcries fill the air in the icy Northrend.
From distant lands, lots of new races are there to ally
This is the place where they will make history.
A history for new generations to remember
An ember in the ashes of dark ages
The time is finally here.

Thousands of undead flow upon her army
She doesn't flinch, while rallying the human flag.
"Freedom is here! It is in our heads and our hearts, Raise your hands for victory is near." She said.
****** battle took place, as the undead warriors decreased faster than her warriors

At the next moment they won, it was a small step for them,
but a giant leap for mankind
Everyone was celebrating...
Then, out of nowhere a traitor stabbed her in the back. She sadly couldn't make it, and she embraced the black. Her sacrifice brought a new page in the history of the kingdom of Agerron.
21 lines, 177 words
If you are curious, know that Northrend is a continent in Warcraft 3, and the undead a race there. Also the kingdom of Agerron is made by me and my friend for the game.
Raven Feels Apr 3
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, that was the final part of this small-short-story;}

She unveiled a cashmirizing elegance to an appealing eye

She revealed her dim soul trusting the open hands

She carried her legs to the ground stepping out of her territory

She abandoned her angels and demons just to forget her fears

She tethered her sun to her moon

for that mesmerizing feeling he whispered into her ear  

Raven Feels Apr 3
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, pens can express when the tongue can't:}

What makes her so different

What makes her so quiet yet her silence flowing a million words

What makes her so dark yet the room in her presence shines

What makes her so desperate yet her eyes  hopeful for savior

what makes her so inert yet the  sweat on her screams excite

What makes her so sad yet her way of fidgeting is fighting a smile

Yet she manages to fuel him

with a sift of need for more of her fascinating enchantment

Raven Feels Apr 3
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, we live for moments that will sweep us of our feets:>

And her pupils dilate betraying her detachment

She senses his invading into the crowd

She drips to her feet in confusion and curiosity

about that mysterious gleam adhering her

She tries to ignore but couldn't help

She yearns for the ocean eyes

She finds herself tensing to the touch of his gaze

that trickles a striking chill down her shoulders to her lower spine

And she melts with lust and entice

Raven Feels Apr 3
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, a savior is not always a him---it can be a life situation that enlightens yours darks and guides you through the way;}

In a blink of an eye he spots her

Her captivating beauty in her damaged soul

Her reviving presence in her urge of nonexistence

Her blazing innocence in her burn lit cape

Her eye stark hidden in her dim look

Her charm in her thunder strikes

Her deprivation in her held breathes

In a blink of an eye he spots her from afar in a room of beasts

Raven Feels Apr 2
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, just random stuff to share from my notes:>

                            twinkle twinkle in my head

                           a fairy tumbling into my bed

                      on a quest to the escape trips the feet

                     laughter spread wide on the concrete

                                hidden from the unseen

                              yet for the magic to appear

                             a glisten from afar not near

                                  holds before the gone

                        before the adventure or the run

                         silenced on trickles of embraces

              tattooed to the lips in drips from those chases

           unfunded to the dimples of the backs of the faces

                             to a welcoming of a nation

                            a whole new legacy a creation

            symphonies to my ears an incredulous fascination

                I rather the harmonious dancing pleasantries

                  that bring the chaos and back the pastries

                                  not of cakes not of candy

                                           of memories

                                     in a twist in a frown

                       the enchantment betrays and drowns

                      the lover into a fictional immortality

                           the kind that sweeps from reality

   to the hands of seconds on the visual symbols of conspiracy

                                      flustered by snow

                     into margins drunk on the laws of penalty

                       and the encounters of past familiarity

                      hums into the heights smoothed frights

                                     bet you a comeback

                                      in the final scene

                        the again everlasting so called calamity

                        not even knowing the costs or the price

                               hence on the steps they wise

                               an adornment so pure so nice

                                       simple for a ball

                                       unique for a fall

                                       on the toilet wall

                                    and the myth in the hall


                                                               ­                   -----ravenfeels
I look up at the sky and think of you
Somewhere on earth
You can see the same sky as me
The same stars as me
Yet we are so far apart
The feeling just breaks my heart
I want to be with you
I want you to be with me
Yet that is just my fantasy
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